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//Dedicated to my lost glasses in the sea. You'll be missed.//




Nate had his hands firmly clasped in mine as he lead us towards the entry of the Jail. In daylight, the prison wall looked less haunting yet more daunting. It had an eerie atmosphere surrounding it, as though what happened inside those walls were far to horrific to whisper about.

Two armed guards opened the door for us, letting out small grunts in greeting to Nate. I tightened the hold I had on Nate's hand, itching closer to his side. He must have sensed my discomfort as he stopped and turned to me. He pushed me back softly against the wall and lowered his head all the way so he was looking straight into my eyes.

"I'm here baby." I fluttered my eyelids down, the endearment zooming right through my veins. With one brave move, I titled my head up and captured his lips in mine. Nate took less than a second to respond, wrapping his hands around my waist and clutching me closer.

I pulled back to get my windpipe working again, inhaling deeply. "Just keep holding me and I'll be fine." I told Nate, my eyes closed whilst attempting to recollect myself. The parting kiss we shared a night ago was thrown out the window. We had something here.

Nate nodded and pulled back. Yet not completely as he still held my hand. He started walking again, keeping me right next to him.

We came to stand at the Calling Desk, where a police officer sat, ordering files and mumbling to himself.

"How can I help you Sir?" He said without looking up, still mumbling to himself afterwards.

"I'm here to see Jackson. Jackson Lewis."

The police officer snapped his head up quickly. "You could have said it was you boy."

Nate chuckled. "You were into your files Frank. Anything new?" I stayed silent as the officer, Frank and Nate fell into a deep conversation.

Nate grinned at the officer before he started to move away. "Your old man got moved. He's in CL-278 now." Frank told Nate, pushing a button and the side door opened.

Nate flicked his head in understanding and started to move again. "Nate? Where you taking the lass?" Frank asked, pushing himself off the chair and glancing at me suspiciously.

Nate turned around and let out a sigh. "She's my girlfriend Frank. She's not Michael Schofield."

I didn't get the joke as both men started laughing. But I did get one part of it.

"I'm not your girlfriend." I whispered at Nate after we walked through the doors.

"Says the girl who touched my-"

I pressed my finger nail into Nate's skin. "Don't you dare finish that sentence off."

We went through another set of doors, past a group of guards that gave Nate a quick nod and a wave, up a set of stairs, through another set of doors and then kept on walking straight when Nate did the unthinkable."

"-d*ck." He finished of the sentence.

"Oh my flowers!" I screeched loudly, pulling my hand away from him and stomping away. I could feel my ears burning as heat rushed to my face. I was never going to see the end of this.

"Nate stop pestering the girl."

I stopped at the gravel voice that came from opposite me. Turning my head slowly, I spotted a cell where an old looking man sat in on his made bed. He had a book open in front of him.

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