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One minute after midnight.

I debated whether to go or not. Was it even worth it?

I stared at myself through the mirror, clutching the towel that I had accidentally dropped down my knees when Nate barged in my room, close to my chest. My facial complexion lacked something, and I worried that considering I stayed under the hot spray of the shower and now the bite of the coldness nibbled at my face.

My lips were a dull purple colour and I had no colour overall on my face. Lifting both hands to my face, I slapped some colour back to my cheek. I ruffled my partly wet hair in hopes of taming it but I realised after a second I was just making it worse.

He came back for you... Good Ellie whispered

As much as I love his fine ass, he can't play you like that... Trouble Ellie said truthfully.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, trying to subdue the hammering headache.

We had it good, we were going strong. But then one simple appearance from my Father had him running tail even though I was right there, assuring him, that whatever my rat's excuse of a father was saying was nowhere near the truth.

I hated how he mislead me, made me think we could go through anything and still come out holding hands. He made me a promise; he wasn't going to let me go.

Yet he did.

Like last time.

And I knew that he was going to do it again.

And then I would be the one to get hurt again.

But he came back for me? The same day.

Is he even worth in the end?



"Didn't think you'd make it." Was the first thing he said when I silently walked up to the bench. He had his jeans clamped legs spread wide in front of him and his tattooed arm dangled between. His head was lowered so it was directly facing the ground but I knew he was fully aware of everything going around him.

Regardless of the fact that hardly anything was going on.

I stayed quiet, standing stoic in my position. My mind was whirling with unsaid things, unanswered questions, debatable statements. Everything. But with one look of him, everything came rushing back; my strong feelings, the weakening of my knees, the shivers that coursed through the whole of my body.

"Babe." He whispered and I realised he had moved from his seat and was now standing before me, his jaw clenched tightly. He could read everything that was going on in my head on my face. And I was sure the trail that my dry tears left should give him a clear indication with what I was thinking right now. 

The night was unusually deadly quiet and I could almost hear every single breath we breathed. I could hear my own heart beat. It was oddly dark as well, and then I slowly lifted my head and came to realise the lamppost was not on.

"It stopped working." Nate filled me in even though I could gather that information myself.

Events that led up to this moment came rushing back to me and I almost swayed on my feet with the rush of feelings I was confronted with. We first had our real conversation here and I remember how good it felt.

"We're wearing the same jeans jackets." I commented out the blue.

Nate dropped his gaze down to his jeans jacket and I looked down at mine.

"I always wondered where you got it from, since where I got it from was just selling the last one."

"I got it from a charity shop." Nate filled me in.

I nodded slowly, instantly knowing it was the same charity shop. "I got it the day it was first-"

Nate cut me short. "I know. I got it then as well."

I narrowed my eyes at him. "Funny we didn't bump into each other."

"Funny how if we did... we wouldn't be here right now."

"Funny." I repeated in a hushed voice.

We both fell in silent then, watching each other, not knowing what to do and I hated it. Before, we were always touching, keeping close and finding peace within each other. Now, I felt as though I could only find peace if I let it all go.

"What happened to us?" I whispered, already dreading the answer.

Nate took a step closer to me, his hands reaching out to me. "I know what you're thinking Ellie. Stop."

I took a step back, knowing that whatever I just went rhrough would forever be embedded in my head. He made one promise, one promise to keep me close to him. And within one second he went back on his promise.

I never realised how much his promise meant to me, knowing that there was one person out there that was willing to keep me close. It made me feel worthy of something. But he shattered all of that.

And just like the lamppost. Our time was over. The light has died.

And no matter what.

Nathaniel Lewis was no good for me. 

"Goodbye." I whispered and quickly turned on my heel.


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