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//Dedicated to Tasneem for the lovely covers//

*if you are reading Satin Shirts, this happens before Jon and Andy and the canteen scene [that night].*

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I was standing still, my back rigid and stiff. I let Nate do all the work, his hands clasping both my cheeks as he kissed me. I didn't know what to feel or what to do. All I could think about was-

When hell turns flowery.

"Teenagers," a voice grumbled from next to us, lowering the flash light. Nate pulled us apart, staring ahead at an old man in his guard uniform. 

"Sorry Sir, she was just getting a bit feisty and I had to show her who was in control."

My mouth dropped open as blood rushed to my face. I felt Nate's hand trailed down to my backside, cupping it in his hands. I jumped at the unchaste contact, furious beyond matter. Needless to say, I held up a perfect girlfriend facade in front of the guard, not wanting to get in more trouble. 

"Not the right area to do this stuff kiddo," the guard told Nate with a gruff in his voice. He sounded tired and bored which made me think this kind of adventure from teenagers around this area wasn't uncommon.

"It just looked dark and secluded- just what we needed." Nate answered back, sounding like the perfect juvenile teenager that brought his girlfriend out.

The guard grunted out something and waved us away, not sparing us another minute of his time. Nate turned and grabbed my hand before he took us back the way we came.

"That was-" Nate started to say but I interjected him with a small aggravated sound. I pulled my hand away from him, glaring at the back of his head. He turned around to look what was wrong and saw my angered expression.

He narrowed his eyes down at me. "You should thank me we didn't get busted."

I stared at him, wondering what was worse - the fact that he kissed me when he had a girlfriend or that he kissed me all together. It wasn't meant to happen like this and he just did it and even added cupping my backside in a vile manner. He showed no respect at all in front of that guard and even though a tiny part of me like that he touched me, it was out of order to treat any woman like that.

I say you really give him a good beating... Trouble Ellie piped up.

Be the mature lady and just walk away... Good Ellie put forward.

I followed my own gut and just screamed in his face which I was pretty good at doing and which he really hated when I did do. Nate glared down at me, crossing his arms in front of me. 

"Don't fucking scream."

I screamed again.

"Ellie- I'm fucking warning you."

I screamed at him. "What are you going to do this time? Kiss me to shut me up?" I screeched in his face, standing on my toes to get right in there.

Nate's eyes turned into dark slits, his lips curving upwards. "I'll make sure your feisty ass gets a new colouring."

I gawked up at him, gasping out loud. "Oh my Flowers."

"Yes, and then your flowers will be seen too." It didn't take a genius to figure out what he meant with that statement considering the topic we were on. And I was so done with him.

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