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I had to find Andy.

I skidded around the corner of the hallway, bumping into something hard. I spared them a second glance, muttering a quick "sorry," before pushing them away and carrying on with my search for Andy.

She doesn't know...  I need to tell her before she finds out from someone else.

I stopping running when I heard voices coming from the corner I was about to take. I furrowed my eyebrows at their hushed tone, trying to connect names to their voices.

"When can I have you again Tex?" I took in a sharp breath, my hand shooting up to my mouth. Tex.. Nate's girlfriend? I knew that person that just said that wasn't Nate. Nate's voice was deeper and unique and very sexy. This boy's voice was kind of high and rough and really not sexy. I plastered myself against the wall, my head thrown backwards as I perched my ears.

"After school and the whole of tonight I'm all yours."

"Good because he's a real c*ckblocker."

Oh my flowers. I blinked rapidly at the realization that I was  witness of a vulgar affair. "Are we going to have sex?"

I took everything within me to not rush out the bile that was growing inside my stomach.

Without so much of delay, I turned on my heel and ran back around the corner - only to bump into another hard body. I glanced up, ready to mutter another sorry when the words died on my tongue. Nate was looming over me, his eyes far too blue for the day and dark circles under  his eyes.

Looked like I wasn't the only one that didn't catch some sleep.

"N-Nate?" I gushed out, running  a hand through my hair. It was really odd speaking to Nate during daylight since most of our encounters where in the darkness. He cocked an eyebrow at me, staring down at my face.

"Ellie." he nodded in greeting, his eyes now following the trail of my hand. "How are you?"

"I'm good." I whispered, my eyes still glued on his eyes. They are so blue...

He shuffled on his feet, pushing his hands into his front pockets."Good." he whispered back.

we stayed like that for years, or maybe it was just half a minute but it felt like a decade before Nate took a step back and carried on moving... towards the corner.

"No!" I whisper yelled, grabbing his arm and tugging him back. Nate frowned at me, glaring at the hand on his arm.

"What the fuck?" He exclaimed, his glaring averting from my hand and onto my face. I inwardly cowered from the harsh look but I put my best poker face, acting like I was unaffected. How was I meant to tell him his supposedly girlfriend was behind there, pursuing her affair? My mind tried to come with numerous of ways to tell him but it came up with nothing that would do the job well enough. I thought of telling him something else -  maybe some floods were down there but that wild idea got swiped out of my head just as quick as it came.

"Because Tex is there?" I blurted out, not even thinking anything through.

Nate raised both his eyebrows at me again. "With someone else-" I added, dipping my head low and hoping he would catch what I was telling him.

Realisation dawned on Nate and he took a step back again, his eyes darkening. "With Lance."

I gaped at him. "You know?" I quizzed at him perplexed.

He nodded his head slowly, his expression unreadbale. "I've known since the day you seen me with her." He shared, reaching over to his head to fix the beanie he had on today.

"Then  why are you still with her?" I asked, not seeing any sense around this. He claimed her as his girlfriend last night in my bedroom and even went on a date with her... and all along he knew she was cheating on him. With his best friend as well?

"It's complicated." He grunted out, avoiding my wide eyes that were trained on him.

I shook my head at him in disbelief, trying to make him see through the nonsense he was drowning in. "No. When your girlfriend cheats on you with your friend you have to break up with her."

"No I don't and it's not becuase of that."

I raised both my eyebrows at him, dropping my hands on my waist. "Why are you still with her?"

Nate let out a sigh. "Like I said, it's complicated."

"Nothing is complicated with that Nate!" I whisper yelled at him, baring in mind that there may be some rated-r going around the corner.

"Yes it is!" He roared back, clearly not giving a toss about getting caught. I was taken aback by the sudden yell which caused me to lean backwards and press myself back against the wall. Nate raising his voice shook me to the core as goosebumps rippled along the back of my neck. I dismissed the wild hammering of my heart and tried to maintain my usual poker face.

"Right," I cleared my throat. "Sorry for-"

"No, you have nothing to be sorry for." Nate interjected, stepping into my space. I stared up at him with wide eyes, and they flickered back over to the side, hoping Tex would not come around just yet. "That kiss yesterday was not a parting kiss-"

Oh my Flowers.

I snapped my eyes back to Nate's face , who was incrediably close to me. So close, I felt his heart beat coming through our  pressed together chest. "You you used me to get back Tex?" I said in a hushed tone, rage lacing through my tone. How dare he. How flowers dare he!

"No, I didn't. Stop putting those stupid ideas in your head. That kiss was far from a parting kiss."

I changed the subject because to be quiet frank with myself, this was taking a route I was not prepared to face. "Why couldn't you sleep after you visted your father?"

Nate didn't comment on the sudden topic change because he surely spotted the frantic expression that was on my face. "Can you skip the rest of the school day so I can show you why exactly?"

"But Andy-" Andy needed me now than ever... Jon needs her more though but she needs to know from me or Jon. Not someone else.

"Ghost will look after her." Nate supplied, grabbing arm and tugging me away from the wall. Ghost was a good person. He would take care of her.

"Did you hear about Jon-" I started to say but then Nate interrupted me.

"Yes I did. I think she's the only one that hasn't."


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