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i was smiling so much when i thought about this because ;
i went to a arcade kind of place today
and because i can totally see the bakusquad doing this


" Shut the fuck up ! " The ash blonde growled, sharply turning the corner so the teens in the back would be moderately changed.
The blonde furrows his brows, looking from his friends in the back to his lover.
" Jeez Bakubro,, calm down— we're just trying to have fun. " Sero cringed back, continuing to pass the small green ball from hand to hand.
" Trying to get us all killed— that's what you're trying to do. " He argues back, usual bark in his voice.
" Babe. " Kaminari calls as calm as he always was.
The explosive boy looks over to his patient boyfriend, " What ? " His gruff voice showing through his words.
" Just— try to make this enjoyable. We haven't gotten out in a  long time and i would like to have some fun. " The other sighs as the car finally comes to a stop at their destination.
" Yeah bro ! Let's just have fun today. " The look-alike shark boy grinned happily, ruffling the ash blonde's fluffy hair.
Bakugo narrowed his eyes with an annoyed exhale, " then let's get this over with. " he mutters, opening his door as all the others do.
Sero jumps out the right back door with Ashido as Kirishima gets out on the left— same with Bakugo and Kaminari on opposite sides each.
What laid ahead of them ?
A arcade of course !
The five had been very distance since U.A (except for Bakugo and Kaminari, duh) and definitely four of them missed their claimed squad, the " Bakusquad ".
They were definitely a group of people.
Very, very mixed people. Holding ;
Katsuki Bakugo - Blasty
Denki Kaminari - Pikachu
Eijiro Kirishima - Shark Boy / Shitty Hair
Hanta Sero - Flex Tape / Soy Sauce
Mina Ashido - Raccoon Eyes
All nicknames via Bakugo.
They reach the entrance, the ash blonde surprisingly holding the door open for his lover then entering like the asshole he is.
But it made the others chuckle at his formal and loving style towards his boyfriend.
The noise of different ages fill their ears— to the ash blonde, it's fucking horrible.
He sighs heavily at the noise, subtlety intertwining his fingers with Kami's.
The blonde smiles, looking over at the other to tease their want of love and affection.
" Lead the way, idiots. " Bakugo scowled to the rest of the squad.
The three light up like christmas trees as they grin wide, " Got it, blasty ! " Ashido chuckles, running past the two with her other best friends.
" God— they're like fucking children. "
" They're our fucking children, dummy. " The smaller male giggled, leaning against his taller lover.
The sandy blonde lightly scoffs, wrapping his arm around the boy, " I'm going to fucking destroy you in laser tag. "
" Bring it on, King Explosion Murder. " Kaminari challenged back with a simple but smug smile.
Bakugo shakes his head as they finally meet up with the energetic kid-like teens.
Ashido is basically jumping off the walls as they wait by the desk, " Ah ! I'm so excited ! I can't wait to totally blast your ass, Kiri ! " The pinkette grins confidently at the red head.
" Yeah ? You think you can do that, Alien Queen ? " The red eyed boy raises his brows at the other female.
Kaminari couldn't help but let a small chuckle pass through his lips as he pulls off his sweatshirt because of the current temperature he was going to be with running around and shit.
" Kam— isn't that Bakugo's ? " The blonde turns to his best friend's voice and claim as he points toward somewhere on his body.
He follows the point as best as he could, just seeing the fading love bites along his shoulder and neck from his " lovely boyfriend ".
A deep shade covers the honey blonde's face as he slaps a hand over it and stumbles on his words, " W — What ?? N — No,, I just— "
" What ? No, ew— I'm not fucking talking about those— I'm talking about the shirt, idiot. " Sero replies, brows stitched together in bits of disgust and confusion.
Feeling the relief and leftover anxiety wash over him, he looks down at the shirt he had decided to put on for the day.
Of course, it was one of Bakugo's— an iconic one actually.
You know, the one with the skull ? Yeah, that one.
The male must've not noticed he put it on, it was a habit.
" Well,, i didn't— "
" Yeah, it is— you got a problem with that ? " The claimed owner of the shirt wraps his arm around his boyfriend's waist, acting like his overprotective self as always.
The black haired boy blinks slowly, " Uh— no ? "
" Good— now lets get this game started. " The tall ash blonde escorts the two toward where the other teens were left.
They had already paid and everything for a room to themselves.
All against each other.
They had gone through the rules and got their vests— their guns, they were totally ready to do this shit.
They started in different places, waiting for that countdown to hit 0.

It started off very quiet, lots of movement but too off-edge to even check it out.
By the near-end,
Bakugo had gotten shot ; 2 times
Kaminari ; 4 times
Kirishima ; 4 times as well
Sero ; 3 times
Ashido ; 3 times as well.
Not too split if we're being honest here.
It was just being finished up, just a minute or two left.
Bakugo had been scavenging alone for a while— not jumped or any shit.
Not surprising since he had totally won't his game already.
But Kaminari wasn't going to let that happen.
He pounced on his lover, knocking him down to the surprise attack.
" JESUS— "
" Hah ! I got youuu ! " The blonde stuck his tongue out with the sing-song voice, pointing the clearly fake gun at the target on the other's chest.
Bakugo groaned softly, just waiting for Kami to shoot his chest already.
" Hmm— what ? are you just giving up ? that easily ? " The amber-eyed boy raises his brows in actual surprise.
" It's a fucking game, Kam— I could care less. " The ash blonde claims.
" Really ? Wow, those anger management classes are very effective. " The blonde laughs with the tease. The blood colored eye teen growls lowly as the other shakes his head,
" I'm kidding, hon— I'll spare you if you really want. " He shrugs, looking down at his helpless boyfriend.
" Fine— whatever— "
" Ah, ah, ah ! kiss, please ? " The small male asks sweetly, lips already pouting.
The sandy blonde scoffs and shrugs but the other take that as a yes like always.
He leans down, pressing his lips against the soft ones of his lover's.
Kaminari smiles against the kiss before they pulled back like always.
The amber blonde giggles loudly, throwing his hands up in happiness, " Ha ha ! You idiot ! I have won ! " He mocks in the fakest villain voice he could.
" You son of a— bitch ! " Bakugo chuckles, twisting his fingers into the other's sides to tickle him.
Kami laughs uncontrollably, dying from his boyfriend's knowledge of knowing he's ticklish, " Ah, ah ! B — Babe, stop ! I — can't breathe ! " He says through breaths and laughs.
The ash blonde sighs with a grin, finally pulling back from the basically crying amber boy.
" Oh my god guys ! That was fucking amazing ! I haven't had fun like that in such a long time ! " Ashido squealed, just putting away her phone that she snuck in like always.
" We should do this more often ! " Kirishima smiled, fake shooting his gun everywhere.
Bakugo helps Kaminari off the ground, wrapping arms around him to keep him close, " Uh— I don't know— "
" I agree. " The blonde interrupts, looking from his best friends to his lover, " I totally agree. "


this was so fucking fun to write and imagine— i also imagine them doing dance dance revolution—
maybe that should be my next one ???
we'll see ; )

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