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" Fuck ! " The blonde swears aloud, looking down at the small blood spot on the cutting board and knife. " God damn it— " He mutters as his explosive boyfriend finally turns the corner.
" What's all this swearing for ?? that's my job. " The ash blonde grumbles, coming over to him to inspect the problem.
" Fuckin— cut my finger.. " He explains in a stubborn tone as Bakugo sighs, pulling the boy toward the sink.
He runs the water gently, placing the cut under the water, " You're an idiot— you need to be more careful with that shit or else i'll be the only one cooking around here. "
The blond perked up, distressed, " But— I wanna cook too ! " He frowns as the ash blonde looks up from the water,
" I'm sorry that i don't want to find any blood on my food— babe, it's unsanitary and you need to be more careful, that's all i'm saying. " He explains, hating the way the pout on Kami's lips  made him feel at fault.
" I know, i know— i fuck everything up, don't i ? " The blonde muttered, mostly used to everything being pinned on him even when he didn't do it.
Bakugo exhales heavily, stopping the water as he leads the amber eyes boy towards the bathroom, " You don't fuck everything up babe,, if you did fuck everything up— we wouldn't even be together. " he soon finds himself smiling as he looks from the medicine cabinet to his boyfriend, " You remember that ? it was so cheesy, that confession was so sweet at the end though and look where we are now. " he chuckles gently as Kami slowly feels his feelings getting lifted.
" yeah— now you're having to clean up my messes,, " he points out, a big bummer in his mood.
" it's not your fault you never learned how to aid yourself right— everyone fucks up at times hon,, besides you just like how gently i take care of you. " bakugo raises a brow, accusingly. turning pink, the blonde shrugs lightly, " m — maybe,, " he blurts, " it's so weird to see someone like you act so soft and gentle towards someone,, specifically me— it's cute and hot. "
Bakugo smiles at the small confession, wrapping the bandaid around the side of his boyfriend's finger.
" well— maybe if you get hurt more often i spars,, i could show you hot. " the ash blonde snickers, tongue stuck up just a bit.
Kami hits the other's shoulder, clearly embarrassed by the sentence, " k - kat ! shut up ! " he scoffs, trying to hide the obvious blush across his cheeks.
The explosive boy grinned, successful in making his boyfriend just a bit more content. He kissed the boy's redden cheek as they leave the bathroom, " now— no more cooking for tonight,, if you cut your finger again today- i will actually scream. " he warns as the amber eyes widen.
but the blonde just nods and goes to help clean up his fail of making dinner. he frowns to himself before he feels the comforting arm around his waist.
Bakugo ruffles the honey blonde hair and presses another kiss to his head, " mm— mine. " he murmurs, slightly possessive and content.
Even if it was a slightly obscured sentence, the blonde still smiled and melted into Bakugo's side, " Always and forever. " he promises, pressing their cheeks together before kissing his boyfriend's soft lips.
" You love me, right ? " The blonde tilts his head towards the busy teen. Bakugo nods and looks towards his beautiful boy,
" Fuck yes— why the hell wouldn't i ?? "
The grin grew on Kami's lips as he nuzzles against the taller boy, " mhmmm— so you'll cuddle with me, right ?? " he asks, knowing he'd found a loop hole to ask for a cuddle session.
Usually, it was normal for Bakugo to turn down the offer because he was too busy or has to go to anger management meeting but he was totally free today and Kami couldn't be happier.
The ash blonde sighs lightly, placing the knife down in the sink to shut off the water. He turns his head back to the blonde, lifting the other's chin off of his chest. He pulls the other into a hard kiss, hand moving from his chin to his soft cheek.
Kami smiled and melted into the passionate kiss he longed for by his overprotective boyfriend.
He's (literally) swept off his feet by Bakugo, carrying his bridal style. The kiss never faltered once and they were both grateful for it.
Till the ash blonde reached his own fluffy bed, he pulls back from the blonde's now red but still soft lips.
He smiles down to him, pressing a kiss to Kami's forehead, " I would love to cuddle. "


uwu,, this was also based off a role play i was doing haha—
i'm sorry to be such a disappointment but bakukami fluff is my shit and i can't live without one fluff shot in here
new chapter will hopefully be out soon like always
also— thank you so much for the support on this book ! i'm really happy with the way it has turned out and i couldn't be happier writing it!
love y'all so much💛💛💛

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