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Pikachu by Ew_An_Oikawa_Kinnie
Pikachuby Your_Local_Gay_Writer
Soulmate Au where whenever you or your soulmate gets hurt a mark appears on the spot where your soulmate was harmed, you both share the same mark and the mark disappears...
Dying Love (BakuKiriKami) Book One by BakuKiriKamiShipper
Dying Love (BakuKiriKami) Book Oneby TheBakuKiriKamiShipper
Kaminari realizes he's fallen for his two best friends, Bakugou and Kirishima, but it's more than just crushing on them. He loves them, he loves them so much he forms a...
Trust ||| BakuKami by mirinda_mmm
Trust ||| BakuKamiby mirinda🧡
Bakugo found out his partner cheating on him with the person he trusted the most. And that person was dating one of his friend. He stormed off angrily and accidentaly bu...
A-alpha? --BAKUKAMIII  by KiRiPiMa16
A-alpha? --BAKUKAMIII by Max Monroe
I LOVE BAKUKAMI SM ITS SO UNDERRATED ONG This will be an omegaverse story sooo ye
Drained by ScroodleBartleDoodle
Drainedby Satoru Gojo
Denki Kaminari has been forgetting things lately. Forgetting things such as where he left his phone or maybe the math test Aizawa had been prepping the class for. He's a...
Bakukami smut by SmutWriter-Inc
Bakukami smutby Smut Writer Inc.
self explanatory they're 18 in here the little space part is strictly PLATONIC not DDLB shit
Bakugo Katsuki and Kaminari Denki by lizteddy2
Bakugo Katsuki and Kaminari Denkiby lizteddy2
"Hey hold up a second, why are you looking at me like that?!" Kami stuttered, slightly nervous. Bakugo smirked: "I could ask you the same damn thing pika...
bnha- oneshots by Shouto_Katsuki666
bnha- oneshotsby I'm tired
🦋Butterflies🦋 ~ ShinKamiBakuDeku by kirifreehugs
🦋Butterflies🦋 ~ ShinKamiBakuDekuby Ezra
Short story for the title ship <3 An electric flirt, a nerdy optimist, a sarcastic insomniac, and an explosive narcissist. What a pleasant relationship. Enjoy ~
my sunshine (mirio x deku, omegaverse) by IzumiFumikage
my sunshine (mirio x deku, Izumi Fumikage
hi this is my first fanfic so it might be really bad. this will contain: smut, boyxboy, mpreg.
Broken (being edited) by CarterIsABlueberry
Broken (being edited)by Carter wallkin
this world is a cruel world. omegas are snatched up off the streets and discarded into camps. there like a pound or a prison. hundreds of omegas forced into cells and so...
todobakukamideku  by helloitswren
todobakukamideku by beany.cos
I couldn't find any books on this ship, so i decided to make one. Also I do very slow updates so if you like the story just please bare with me.
Little Sparks  by SunflowerToo
Little Sparks by Sunflower Too
Denki let's off small sparks when he let's his emotions get the better of him. Bakugou doesn't care. He just wants to kiss his boyfriend in peace without being recorded...
I Love You || BakuKami by ZestFrog
I Love You || BakuKamiby Zest
Kaminari never deeply considered that he had feelings for Bakugo. At least not until Bakugo kissed him to make him overcharge to distract the class.
The Aftons and Gregory meet BNHA verse. There's a lot of ships, so be prepared!
Storms Could Be Unpredictable At Times || bakukami by QuillAndSparrow
Storms Could Be Unpredictable At Quill
Kaminari was just trying to get by in school, although with his tutor out of town and almost all of his friends unavailable, he called upon one loud and short-tempered b...
Growing A Garden (Kamibaku) by LampLight143
Growing A Garden (Kamibaku)by Atlas Fernsby
Trigger warnings !Blood and Gore! Bakugou was always stubborn... It was just how he grew up. But when he falls for a certain electrical blond he realized what he could n...
The New Kid  [KamiBaku] by bakubebe17
The New Kid [KamiBaku]by Praise Bingus
Katsuki Bakugo and Denki Kaminari have a weird relationship together, but they love each other nonetheless. Will the two let the new kid break them apart to get to Katsu...
My New Pet || Omegaverse! Bakukami by GirlDekuAsh
My New Pet || Omegaverse! Bakukamiby ✨BakuBitch✨
⚠️ Warning mature and sexual content. ⚠️ Hi i'm Katsuki Bakugou I'm 24, I'm the number one hero and I also own a huge business, so i'm basically a billionaire, my mother...
MHA Kaminari Smut Oneshots by ashbeeace
MHA Kaminari Smut Oneshotsby ashbeeace
All characters are aged up, I have never wrote smut before so the first few chapters might be a little confusing, leave suggestions in the comments. Also I probably won'...