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yes, i know— i know

y'all are probably devastated this book is now over

tbh, it kinda felt rushed at first but when i looked back and realized i started this in feb and it's april now ?

that's a long ass time of not rushing—

but since i love you all too/so much
and i love bakukami
and i love my important and lovely best friend supporters—

i'm gonna make another one

now before some people might be like,
"quinn  wtf ?? your account should be open to all baku ships !! "

i know ! and it still is !

it's just,, i have a lot more appreciation for bakukami and i can only write stuff for it even when i'm sad as hell or entirely pissed off

but as long as you're not complaining, i explain a bit of the plan !

so it's an au— where kami's blind

i know, sad right ? ;(

anyways,, bakugo and kaminari have known each other for years and kat had always have to protect kami from being bullied just because he was blind
((which explains him for being so nice))
but now kami seems to be falling for the ash blonde and feels a little guilty he'll never be able to actually see the other
but yeah see—
bakugo does not like him back like that, he's convinced he's not even attracted to anyone which sends lots of worry
he hears the male is in a relationship with some dumb hoe and stuff—

alrighty,, i'll stop there

i'll probably update it if i come up with something better but that's all i got right now

as you also noticed, my covers are changing now

pretty sick right ??

i'm glad how the bakukami ones came out

oh ! the book will also be called " handle with care "

so yeah,, be on the look out for that !

see ya
— Quinn

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