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L e t M e L o v e Y o u -- soft-kacchan

Chapter 4 -- K a t s u k i

Kaminari shrugs on his bag from his locker, shutting it after. Sero passes him before stopping, turning towards the silent blonde,
" Dude— there's always surgery if you want. " The male suggested, seeing his friend's hand was basically shaking against the locker door.
" No— no, it's fine. I can do this,, I just gotta— try. " The blonde assures, turning to his best friend with a totally fake and forced smile, " right ? "
Sero smiles back but with more pity. He pats his shoulder and merely nods, " Right. "
Kaminari nods back, biting his lip nervously as he finally breaks his glance from the locker and follows down the hallway. He smiled over to the nice people of 1-A, like Uraraka and Midoriya. Then came Jiro and Yaoyorozu, joking with Kirishima.
He would've loved to tell his other best friend but he wasn't sure if the red head would actually believe it or tell Bakugo— Sero just wasn't as close with the hot head as Kirishima is.
And he was not about to sacrifice his throat to show he was being serious.
The blonde will take his chances— if this explosive boy is meant to be with an idiot like him, he'll take those chances like it's his last life.
Which it basically is.
The male smiles gently, waving toward the two females and other male before stepping out the doors of U.A to be met with a small nudge of his shoulder.
He looks over, " Wha— Bakugo ? " Kaminari stammered, unsure of why the ash blonde was so fond of walking next to the blonde.
Bakugo shot him a hard glance before looking back in front of him, acknowledging the blonde, " You've been acting weird today. " He stated and Kaminari knew that for a fact.
The other laughs softly but you could hear the nervousness in it, " I — I don't know what you're talking about.. " He shrugs, trying to pull his eyes away from Bakugo's direction but he just can't seem to.
The other raises his brow, " Really ? What was all that rushing out of the room this morning for ? Are you and Soy Sauce planning something ? " His ruby eyes narrow with suspicion.
Kaminari waved his hands frantically before pulling his stupid ass grin, " No — no ! Of course not ! I just.. " He glances at the ash blonde for a minute before trailing his amber eyes back down to the ground, "..needed to talk to him. "
" Of course you did— you're always talking but today you just.. weren't.. " He stares at the ground before sighing, " Why was that, hm ? " he grunted.
" Why was I what ? Oh— quiet ? Uhm, just feeling a little under the weather I would guess. " He pulls another one of his fake smiles to finally Bakugo off,
" Stop that shit. " He eyes rolls like the blonde was supposed to know what he was talking about.
" Stop w — what ? " He mumbles, honestly confused.
" Stop smiling and being all overly happy— it's a little fucking annoying. " He groans, hands shoved deep in his pockets.
Kaminari couldn't help but smile wider but this time, it meant something, " What ? Do you not like happiness or something ? You can't even criticize it until you've tried it ! " He argues but clearly not mad, just in the mood to cheer the grumpy boyo up.
" Tried what ? Smiling ? Ew— I've smiled before ! I just don't like to do it. " He defends with a glare that can't and couldn't affect Kaminari right now.
" You should do it more often ! We could be smiling buddies ! " The electric teen giggles, clearly happy with the smooth conversation going on with him and Bakugo.
" Pfftt− You're an idiot.. " Bakugo turn his face away from the blonde, biting his lip to hide his smile
" I might be but − I'm your idiot. " Kaminari grins, nudging the ash blonde's shoulder back
" Hah , don't get too ahead of yourself.. " Bakugo says, as playful as it was−
it made Kaminari's throat scar and itch, trying to swallow the current blood and petals.
" I mean— "
" Hey— "
They both stopped to stare at each other, the embarrassment radiating off of them as they spoke at the same time.
The blonde cleared his throat and tried to wipe his cheeks from the pink dust across it, " I'm sorry— you go first. " He smiles apologetically to the ash blonde.
The hot head shakes his head and continues to walk, side by side with the idiot, " —yeah, Kirishima was planning on going out to some kind of outdoor party sometime this weekend and he kinda forced me to ask you so.. " Bakugo nibbles at the inside of his lip, seeming to take longer to ask a question like he was proposing or something, " —did you want to come ? " He asks almost as a mutter.
It felt like heaven to Kaminari, it felt great hearing the ash blonde propose something to him even if he knew it was just some dumb party.
It felt like more than that— so much more that it caused the blonde to basically be frozen in a lovingly stare at Bakugo.
The snap of the explosive boy's fingers almost sent him back into his ass, " What— Oh ! sorry, sorry.. " He mumbles before looking back up but not at Bakugo just in case it happens again, " uhm— sure ! I'd love to go,, is it with the squad ? " He asks, wanting to know if it was either going to be a better chance with Kirishima distracted or a less chance were he would probably go home before the night even started.
The ash blonde scoffs and rolls his shoulder against his bag, " Of course it is— they wouldn't stop begging Kiri other wise and he's too nice to let them pout all night. " He shakes his head in disappointment of the red head's friendly willingness.
That nickname he used for Kirishima really hit the blonde hard— like, really hard. It stung his heart and mostly his throat. Without thinking, He perks up, " Hey Bakugo ? "
The other male looks over, " Huh ? "
The blonde plays with his fingertips before sighing out the question, " Do you ever think— we could call each other by nicknames or something ? " He was too afraid to look up at the ash blonde just in case he laughed.
But he didn't. He just thought for a hard moment before shrugging carelessly, " I don't know— what ? is Pikachu not good for you— "
" Bakugo. " Kaminari rolls his eyes, " I'm talking about actual nicknames like— you call Kirishima " Kiri ". I just wanted to know if we could ever start doing that.. " He adds quietly.
At that, the male was completely swept by the question. It made Kaminari feel like he fucked up, bad.
Till Bakugo gives him a mere smirk and considered it, " Maybe we could. So,, what do you wanna be called then ? "
The electric blonde blinked, ' What the fuck— is he actually considering this? '
He stuttered, " I — uhm, K — Kami i guess.. " He answers plainly.
The ash blonde's smirk gets worse, " So you wanna be called " K — Kami " ? " He teases at the blonde's mistake making the other turns all shades of pink. He shakes his head frantically,
" N — No ! It's— ugh, Bakugo you know what I mean ! " He tried to explain while the hot head laughs.
He sighs and bitterly glances at Bakugo, " So— what can I call you then ? "
Bakugo tilts his head, honestly thinking before pulling his devious grin once again,
" How about Katsuki ? "


End of Chapter 4

L e t M e L o v e Y o u -- soft-kacchan

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