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So many questions were thrown around Bakugo and Aizawa. They were all so worried for the blonde.
It would probably slightly warm his heart if his new boyfriend knew how much his classmates and all actually cared.
In the days that came, Kaminari was freed from the hospital but highly monitored in his room just in case he became dizzy or drowsy again.
One of the close carriers—of course—being Bakugo because of his obvious care for his lover.
Other teachers and mostly Recovery Girl were also carriers.
The ash blonde sighed contently for once, knowing everything was fine— everything was good.
He was happy and in love with the most beautiful guy he had ever seen.
He stops by the dorms on their free period, dropping something off at his dorm then not even trying to hide his fact for visiting the electric teen.
He pushes the key into the lock, turns and the door is unlocked. He slowly steps in, always knowing the blonde was trying to catch up on sleep.
The small buzz of the fan towards the window filled the silence of the room as he carefully places his bag down by the door.
He softly steps over to the half-asleep, half-awake male in the bed— his cheek pressed against the pillow as the blanket covered up to his shoulders.
The male makes it around to the side where Kami was facing, his eyes closed with lightly sleep.
Bakugo smiles, loving the content face on his boyfriend. He softly drags his finger along the blonde's cheek and puts a few strands behind his exposed ear.
He crouches down, hearing the soft breathing fall from the blonde's lips and nose at times.
Fucking damn it, he's so cute. The ash blonde thinks, intent on just sitting by his sleeping lover for hours.
He eventually leaned up by the blonde's face, their faces just inches apart.
He starts placing small kisses, starting at the tip of the other's nose toward over his cheeks in such a loving manner.
A low hum came from the sleepy teen as he feels the soft touch of the familiar lips against his cheek.
His heart filled as soon as he knew it was Bakugo.
As always, Bakugo knew he was awake so he stopped before placing a gentle kiss to his temple. He pulls back, cupping the cheek of his loved one that was not presses against the pillow,
" Mornin' beautiful. " He sighs, watching the amber eyes flutter open slowly.
Kaminari made no efforts to move as he was way too tired but you could see the happiness in his eyes sparkle as he saw his ever-lasting boyfriend.
" Mhmph— don't say that,, " The electric teen's words mumbled with his cheek so pressed against like that.
" Say what ? beautiful ? " The ash blonde grins, a raise of his brow defining the question.
The blonde nods, accepting the fact that he was so embarrassed and flustered whenever Bakugo called him such a soft and caring name.
" well, what do you want to call you ? love ? honey ? sweetie ? babe ? " he lightly hummed, red orbs innocently narrowed at the tired male.
Kami felt his face heat up at ' love ' and ' babe '— maybe it was the way he purred it but it definitely had a hard effect on him.
" I— i don't know,, it's embarrassing when you call me those.. " he answers like a whiny child.
Bakugo snickers with a small grin, " embarrassing ? is that why your face is all red ? " He raises a brow, softly patting his fingertips over the redness of the blonde's cheek, " —or is it because you secretly like those names ? "
Kaminari shyly smiles with a slow nod to respond.
His cocky boyfriend's smile breaks through as he leans towards him, encasing the other's lips in a gentle kiss like no other.
They pull back, the electric male blinking slowly due to the after effect of just waking up.
" You've been sleeping a lot— you feeling better ? " Bakugo asked, making sure Kami was comfortable and safe.
" I feel— absolutely amazing now that you're here. "
" Aw,, that's flattering babe— now, i gotta leave soon after i— "
Kaminari reaches his hand out to his ash blonde lover's wrist, stopping him from standing up and leaving.
The sandy blonde looks back at the pouting idiot laying in the bed, " what ? "
" can. . . y—you stay longer and lay with me ? please ? " He mumbles, desperately wanting the other to stay so they could cuddle and such.
The male's brows stitch together, placing his hand over the pale one on his wrist, " love, i would really like to but,, i have classes and sh— "
" Please ? i'm so lonely everyday after you leave, won't Aizawa understand ? " The blonde had lifted his head a little, determined to persuade the explosive teen to stay.
Bakugo sighs heavily, thinking it over, " Jeez— fine. But I can't do this everyday, I don't want Aizawa to think I'm taking advantage of your state like this. "
Kami's eyes and smile brightens as he hears the other accept. He pats the open side by him, inviting to lay by him.
The ash blonde trudges over to the empty side, climbing and under the covers like his significant other.
The blonde carefully turns over to face the male, a smile plastered on his lips.
Bakugo admires the way Kaminari could look so beautiful from every angle, no matter what.
He snakes his hand from his side, cupping Kami's cheek.
The electric teen hums at the touch, melting into his palm.
He scoots as close as he could, wrapping his arms around the taller teen, nuzzling up his chest as Bakugo fumbles with the tips of his fluffy blonde hair.
" hmm, Kat ? " The drowsy teen murmurs. The ash blonde looks away from the soft honey blonde hair to his lover,
" Yes, Kami-babe ? "
" Do you think we were made for each other ? " Kaminari asks, peaking this face up from Bakugo's chest.
The sandy blonde felt his heart melt at the small bundle of words
' Made for each other ? '
Yes !
A thousand times yes !
No matter how much this blonde had fucked up, embarrassed himself, blushed, cried, explained things messily, screamed, freaked out—
it could never make Bakugo stop loving him.
His idiot.
Forever in his arms, in his reach, in his heart and head.
Forever together.
" Of course love, there's no else that makes me feel the way i do unlike you. I wouldn't drop you for the world, not the universe, not anything. " The ash blonde replied, his voice hushed in a whisper— a little more audible than the buzzing fan in the corner of the room.
The blonde smiles lovingly, bringing the male's head down to kiss him.
He pulls back and lays his head down on the pillow, " I couldn't agree more, Kat. "
" I love you, Pikachu. " Bakugo mutters with a kiss to Kami's cheek.
" I love you too, ' Explosion Boy ' . "
As the taller male pulls the idiot into a cuddling hug, they fall asleep right where they want— right where they hoped to be for so long.
Some wishes do come true—
even after you throw up blood and petals for your friend—
best friend, no—
crush, scrap that—
one and only.


End of Chapter 10

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