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L e t M e L o v e Y o u -- soft-kacchan

Chapter 3 -- E x p l a i n


" Dude— are you okay ? It's unlike you to be straight faced. . " Sero spoke out of worry to his blonde friend. He was right, it was unlike Kaminari to be so quiet and self-cornered but he was too scared to talk.

scared flowers would just come out without expectance— he didn't want to throw up again.

" I'm just— tired . . " The blonde tries to play off, shakily walking with Sero and Kirishima. The red head would look up once in a while to make sure he didn't fall— he seemed very concerned for the blonde.

" Tired ? That's it ? Dude, you look like you're about to fucking pass out. " Kirishima admits with a unconvinced look. Kaminari stitches his brows together, looking at both of them,

" I'll be fine . . " Kaminari slowly blinks, rubbing at his eyes and cheeks to somehow wake himself up as well. Him being tired wasn't really a lie— he only got like 5 hours of sleep.

Sero and Kirishima give each other a pity look before entering the classroom with Kaminari.

" Bakubro ! You're here early ! Something special that we don't know about ? " The red head laughs to the ash blonde, setting his stuff down. Bakugo growls in his direction,

" Shut it shitty hair— I'm always earlier than your lazy asses. " He defends as Sero raises an amused brow.

Kaminari felt suddenly sick again— god, his throat would never get a break of this scratchy feeling. Bakugo and him quickly share glances as their two friends were fucking around. Those moments of silence tore Kaminari up the most.

His face filled up with red as Bakugo squints and tries to figure out what was wrong with him today.

The blonde looks away, rubbing at his cheeks. Bakugo scoffs, looking back to Kirishima and Sero. It was the ash blonde's way of studying someone, their condition, their appearance. ' Good job Kami— now he knows something's up '
Kaminari rolls his eyes at himself before getting himself back together. He approaches his friends and suspicious crush.
" What's up with you today, Pikachu ? " Bakugo asks out of his suspicion, probably not because he cared.
Kaminari mentally kicked himself for thinking that— Bakugo doesn't care about anyone of course but, the thought only made the blonde want to throw up more.
" U — Uhm, nothing. . I'm just— tired, ya know ? " He pulls a small smile, hoping to convince the ash blonde but those ruby orbs already saw past that.
Jesus, how long could he keep this up with a lie like that?
" Just tired . . ? " The ash blonde questioned as Kirishima nods,
" See ? That's what I said too ! " He sighs. ' Shit, shit— they're suspecting a lot. '
He hastily turns to the black haired boy who hasn't made a comment on his well being this whole time. For once, that was a good thing, " Hey Sero— Can I talk to you for a second ? " He asks in hope of not sounding totally desperate for someone to talk to.
The boy turned to the electric blonde with a suspicion in his eyes, " Uhm— sure. . " He accepts, following the male out of the classroom as they were about 30 minutes early due to Bakugo's help and he wanted to speak to him in private.
The blonde rushed them inside the bathroom as Sero quickly holds his thoughts, " So— what's up ? " He asks as nonchalantly as possible.
The gold eyed boy riddled with his thumbs before sighing, " Something weird has been happening since yesterday and— it's really scaring me. . " He explains, never daring to look up at the black haired boy.
The other just nodded slowly and tilted his head, " And this is . . ? " He continued it for Kaminari.
" I— I can.. cough up flowers. . and blood. " He admits quickly, hoping Sero would be slightly concerned of even confused.
I mean, he was confused but thought this was some kind of trick, " Flowers and blood ? Are you fucking with me, Kami ? " He raises an annoyed brow, turning to leave.
" No − ! Sero please ! I − I'm not joking . . ! " The blonde pleads, gripping onto the other male's wrist as he tries to walk away.
" Good lord, Kami . . What has gotten into you ? " Sero sighs, clearly fed up as he turns back to Kaminari and pricks his hand off.
" J − Just watch ! " The nervous male pleads, closing his eyelids over his bright amber eyes. He pictures perfect scenarios of him and Bakugo as they slowly turn too dark to where Kaminari starts tearing up at the painful thoughts and the way the dandelion is almost choking him. He coughs it up onto his palm, blood and saliva flowing over his hand − down out of the cracks in between his fingers.
Sero's eyes widen, " D − Did you just cough up a flower − ? " He questions, worried and scared. Kaminari's eyes snap to his, they looked red and bloodshot for a minute until he swallowed back down the extra blood,
" Yeah − I did . . "
The black haired boy mouth gapes a little longer as he tries to wrap his head around this, " What the fuck. . " He mumbles in shock as the blonde panics to throw the flower in the toilet and clean the disgusting blood off his hand.
" I just learned about it yesterday. . " Kaminari mumbles an explanation, wiping his hands off on a towel, " It's called like the ' Hanahaki disease '— and it makes you throw up flowers and blood-which hurts like hell- because of one-sided love. "
Sero nods slowly, taking this all in, " Dude— this is not good, you can't just keep this from everyone. " He furrows his brows as Kaminari makes sure any blood didn't drop onto the floor, " You have to tell Recovery Girl or something. "
The crouching male shook his head with a long sigh, " To God above, I wish i could— but this fucking curse won't go away unless I get surgery or the person returns the feelings before two months when i'll. . " he trails off, not wanting to finish that horrid sentence.
But the black haired boy did, " You'll what ? "
The blonde looked up at him after throwing the towel away. His face held dread and fear, " . .die. " He answered, plain and simple. If this electric teen had been asking for a death wish, he got one. One that he had never or would ever want.
" Two months ? Jesus fucking christ— well who's the person ? " Sero asks, rubbing his thumb across his temple.
The other exhales shakily, finally making his way back towards his best friend, " . . ᵇᵃᵏᵘᵍᵒ " He mumbles quietly.
His best friend raises his brow, " What— "
" It's Bakugo, okay ?? " He blurts, feeling the pressure sink under his skin at the thought of the ash blonde's name leaving his lips.
Sero has nothing to say for a second. He blinked a few times before tilting his head, " I didn't know you were gay— "
" Hey, neither did I but look where I am now. " Kaminari snaps back, his amber eyes once full of love and laughs now full of stress and dread due to this damn crush on a boy he'd neither thought to get close with.
" And I'm guessing he might not like you back . . ? "
" Oh, it's probably a fact that he doesn't. " The blonde assures before going slightly shy again, " —but I've never experienced this shit before, how am I supposed to know how much that surgery would take away ? " he muttered.
" I guess you're kinda right there. . so what's your plan ? You know— to make him fall in love with you ? " The black haired boy asked almost calmly at the situation.
Kaminari shrugs gently, " I dunno— wait until the two months are up ? I could try my hardest to get him to like me and I know he still wouldn't. " He sighs, frustrated with the reality.
" You never do know unless you try. " Sero points out.
" Just slowly but surely make him fall in love with me ? " The blonde perks up with a smirk at that idea, setting his golden eyes in a cold glance,
" I think you're asking a little too much. "


End of Chapter 3

L e t M e L o v e Y o u -- soft-kacchan

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