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another one.


The blonde hums in the other's lap, trying to get his attention. Bakugo looks up for the thousandth time from his book that he'd been trying to read, " what is it now ? "
the electric male pouts, laying his head down at Bakugo's shoulder, " i'm bored,, " he slightly whines, skimming his eyes over the pages of words that his boyfriend was so content on reading.
" well— that's not my problem then, is it ? " the explosive male raised his brow, barely looking at his ' bored ' lover but instead at the page he was going to finish reading.
the teen frowns, " how can you read that all ?? it's so many words.. " he slightly groans, disturbed that someone would want to read novel for ' fun '.
" because i'm smart and i can read this shit. " the sandy blonde smirks, flipping the page finally.
Kaminari furrows his brows at the slight tease, " pfft— i'm smart ! reading is just so boring,, can't we do something fun ?? " he defends, hands placed on his hips.
" babe— you're adorable and all but i gotta finish this book. "
the blonde's pout deepens as he shuffles in Bakugo's lap, making sure to be front and center, " please ? "
the ash blonde lifts his eyes from the new page, not even trying to reposition the book again.
a sigh leaves his lips as he studies his favorite boy's sad face— it's not like this was anything new. Kami was always bored and ready to bug his boyfriend.
Even if they went out every night and cuddled till dawn— the blonde couldn't be more disgusted by his level of boredom.
And sometimes, Bakugo couldn't refuse.
He fell for Kami's personality in general, no matter what he was like.
But right now, he was just being cute, annoying blonde.
In fact, the cute and annoying blonde was currently kissing the tip of his lover's nose, showing his love and affection.
Bakugo smiles warmly, setting his book down finally— wrapping his arms around the smaller boy's torso to pull him close.
Kaminari giggled with a grin, " looks like i got your attention, hm ? " he hums sweetly.
" you always do. " the ash blonde replies simply, unhooking his hands from his arms.
He moves his arms up, just enough so he can softly play and run his fingers through the heavenly-like hair of the blonde.
The amber eyed teen hums at the feel, loving how much Bakugo adored the fluffy hair of his.
He wraps his arms around Bakugo's neck.
" Have i ever told you how beautiful you are ? " The ash blonde raises a brow.
Kami chuckles, " i feel like i hear it every single day from you. "
The other shrugs, " how can i help but not spread the truth ? "
" and that's why i love you. " the blonde smirks before pulling the teen into a " small " and  " soft " kiss.
bakugo massages his fingers through Kami's hair, tilting his head against his to deepen the kiss.
The electric teen's eyelashes flutter a bit at the sudden grasp on his hair from the ash blonde.
Bakugo's free hand trailing back to his boyfriend's thigh as he nibbles on the other's lower lip, hoping to gain access.
Pink deeply shaded their cheeks as soon as the soft sigh mixed with a moan left Kaminari's lips with the grip on his ass.
Quickly, the ash blonde smirked and dominates the game of their kissing— something he knew the other loved.
The harsh kiss turns into small ones starting from the blonde's lips toward his neck who lets out a whimper in return, " not too many— i don't want people asking questions,, "
" hmph— you then you just tell them they're signed by your lovely boyfriend, " the protective blonde grumbled onto the pale skin of his lover's.
Kaminari blushed deeply at the gentle words coming from his usually mean-worded boyfriend.
The kisses were so light and love-filled— almost making the blonde's heart burst at how soft he could actually be.
But when his kisses turning to harsh sucking and tiny bites along his smooth skin, the blonde eye's roll back— in love with the perfect feeling against his sensitive shoulder.
The explosive boy moves tiny circles under the boy's shirt, just by his waist.
The electric teen lightly drags his fingers through the fluffiness of the ash blonde's hair and down his shoulders, desperate for more attention than he was already given.
His blonde lover smirks, " needy much, babe ? "
Kami bites his lower lip with a whine, " m—maybe . . "
The sly male lowers his brows with his eyes lids as he leans towards the blonde's ear, lowly whispering
" well maybe you would like it if I— "
The sudden noises of a alarm from a police report buzzed on Kaminari's phone.
The tension is broken off with a jump from him as he reaches to see what the noise was about.
His upset pout shows on his lips as gets up from his lover's lap, " god damn it. " he grumbled.
the ash blonde chuckles, watching the newly sexuality frustrated get ready to go capture another villain.
" don't think you're getting out of this so easily, kat ! you're coming with me. " the small male shouted from their room, pulling the black tee over him like always.
Bakugo raises his brows as he looks over the couch, " getting out of what ?? you decided to be such a horny mess ! " he argues back but with no real anger.
" s—shut up ! it's your fault you're so hot and shit.. " the blonde's voice trails into a mumble as he didn't want his significant other to hear it— but of course he still did.
The explosive male gets up either way, not wanting to argue with him, " alright, alright— relax— i'll come if you stop blaming everything on me. "
Kami stuck his tongue out at the other, clearly pissed off by the fact he didn't get any real satisfaction or pleasure.
" can we do something when we get back ?? because you know i'm going to bored. " The blonde smirks.


hAh— i probably got y'all so good
*probably didn't*
i ain't doing no smut for them
i just thought it was kinda funny cause i can't take shit like this seriously  lmfao
a sexually frustrated kami is a sister we don't mess with👏👏

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