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L e t M e L o v e Y o u -- soft-kacchan

Chapter 1 -- T h a n k Y o u


 '' Very funny guys . . '' Bakugo muttered bitterly. He finished off the tie of the huge garbage bag in the lobby while the others looked over the couch. 

'' Sorry bro but— '' Kirishima chuckled, just tying off his white headband around his crimson hair, ''— we're not the ones who got into house arrest . '' 

Bakugo shot daggers at the red head with a growl, '' Shut up, shitty hair— I don't need your damn jokes right now . '' He replies with the most bark as Ashido lifts her eyes from the phone to watch the situation unfold.

''  Well maybe, bakubro— if you didn't have that fight—  '' She tries to speak before the ash blonde sighs heavily again, 

'' Oh, don't you even get me started— ''

'' Oh my god guys ! Just let him do his thing ! '' Kaminari groans over the couch armrest, his back lazily resting against it. The blonde sighs before shutting off his phone then throwing it on the couch seat. Ashido and Bakugo needlessly stare at him then each other before they finally break away. 

Bakugo goes back to the garbage bags as Kaminari lifts himself from the couch. He adjusts his jeans, running his knuckle under his nose as he sees the amount of bags Bakugo needed to carry toward the dumpsters. 

Half of him felt objected to just keep to himself and leave the mess to his angry friend but . .

the better half of him told him— or more like urged him to come and rescue Bakugo from all those bags. He furrowed his brows and before he knew it, he was planting his feet towards the male.

'' Aye Bakugo ! I can help you with those if you want . " The blonde offers as he walks towards him. Bakugo perks up, just tying off the last of the bags. He gives the most confused and disgusted look,

" What . " He growls, honestly confused.

Kaminari chuckles lightly, his hands settled in his pockets. He pulls one out to gesture to the mess of bags, '' I could help you— with these . '' He clarifies just a bit more. Bakugo raises his brow, 

'' You wanna help me carry these ? '' He finally makes a break through in what the blonde was saying. Kaminari nods, waiting for an answer with eager eyes. The ash blonde wanted to have the energy to fight but he just didn't. It was almost midnight and he was still stuck with the bakusquad doing his dumbass job for house arrest. 

He also wished for the strength to carry all this himself but that wasn't going to happen with his fingers endlessly getting elastic lines from all the tying. his fingers hurt bad, '' Fine, sure— whatever . . '' He huffed, already gripping at a few bags.

Kaminari grinned, also grabbing at the bags. He put a few under his left arm, reaching to grab another one to hold in his right hand as Bakugo did. Their fingers bounced against each other, retreating when contact happened. The blonde felt his face go red as he stands back up straight, '' S — sorry . . '' He mutters, shyly. 

Bakugo scoffed, just grabbing the bag without any reply or apology. He stares at Kaminari with his brow furrowed as if he was a huge idiot. And he is. 

He finally gets the hint and gets a random bag in his right hand and follows Bakugo toward the front doors. Once they step out, the slow but cold wind hits the blonde. He almost steps back into the door frame but makes sure he didn't.

When he sees Bakugo walking down the few steps, he's kinda amazed he's not affected by the wind, '' Can I only feel the freezing wind or something ? ''  He asked in direction to Bakugo. The male scoffed, throwing the bags in the dumpster besides the dorm, 

'' Excuse me if you're so cold, pikachu . My body heat is just always hot no matter what . " He shrugs without a care, gesturing Kaminari also toward the open dumpster. Kaminari sucks on his bottom lip as he throws the bags, trying to mimic how Bakugo did it. 

But instead, ended up throwing it over the dumpster to the other side. The two males both watched, the blonde blushing at how embarrassed he was and the ash blonde laughing at his failed attempt. '' Maybe you should work on your aim first— isn't that going to be helpful with your quirk ? '' Bakugo slightly teases as Kaminari rushes over to pick them up and finally throw them away.

'' Oh shut up . '' Kaminari mutters, more embarrassed than ever. With his success of finally throwing the bags away and Bakugo still laughing at his mess up, the boys continue to do this until the squad slowly trail from the couch to their rooms and the bags are gone as well. 

Kaminari shuts the front door behind him, seeing Bakugo checking his phone by the couch, '' Shit— it's almost 12 am . . '' He mutters, shoving his phone in his sweatpants pocket. The blonde looked to him with a curious expression. 

'' 12 am? ''  he repeats as Bakugo continues to make his way to the stairs. his eyes widen as he catches up with him, '' Hey wait ! Aren't you going to say thank you ? '' Kaminari asked. Bakugo stopped, turning to the blonde,

'' Why in the hell would I say ' thank you ' ? '' He requested to know, his thin brows lowering in angry confusion. The blonde raised his hands like it was obvious, 

''  Duh ! Because I helped you with the garbage ! ''  He tries to support it. Bakugo scoffs, 

'' It's not like i asked you to do this, why would I acknowledge you for that— ''

'' Because I brought it up and asked nicely and you said I could so why shouldn't I get a 'thank you' ? '' Kaminari blurted, a little fed up with the ash blonde's personality. Bakugo blinked at him, god— he just needed sleep and not this. 

It had been a few moments of silence and angry staring before the angry male sighs and shakes his head,  '' God— Fine— Thank you, Kami— '' He sneered before turning back to the stairs and making his way to his dorm.

Kaminari grinned at the fact that the hot-headed teen had thanked him and at how bitter he was about it. His hand cupped one side of his mouth, '' You're welcome, Bakubro ! '' 

The time he hears the ash blonde's dorm room shut, he starts climbing the stairs a little faster. The lobby started feeling super cold and lonely— he didn't like it that much. 

As he stepped up the final stair, something poked from inside him and it felt like it hit a nerve. Kaminari winced, holding his side, '' What the fuck— '' He looks all around him, nothing hit from outside. He makes sure nothing or no one was following him. 

God, it was the worse feeling ever. Like the whole sides of his stomach got poked when he took that step, what was that all about? He soon enough felt his throat become more uncomfortable— maybe he was getting sick or something.

He decided it was that and kept heading towards his dorm. He took a normal cold pill and got ready for bed. His throat still felt moderately uncomfortable but he would just hope the pill would take care of that.

It felt like he'd eaten a flower—


End Of Chapter 1

L e t M e L o v e Y o u -- soft-kacchan

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