Chapter 9

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There wasn’t anything particularly interesting about the city that the Autobots had taken Blaze into. Instead, they were on a routine patrol of the said city. Jack was riding Arcee, while Raf and Blaze were inside Bumblebee, and Miko was with Bulkhead and Wheeljack.

“So you’ve been given abilities that far surpass anything that humans could have on their own?” Raf asked, “That’s pretty cool. What can you do?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Blaze replied, “what I went through…”

Blaze shuddered before falling silent. Raf didn’t say anything after that, and Blaze was grateful for that. He then started to stare out the window, his right hand twitching slightly, as he felt the Dark Energon inside him began to stir.

“Bee, turn right,” Blaze suddenly barked, “There is something ahead that is bent on taking us out.”

Bumblebee swung around to the right, causing Arcee to follow in the tight and sudden turn. As Bee straightened out, Raf glanced at Blaze, a question on his lips.

“Dark Energon, I can feel Dark Energon and those that are affected by it,” Blaze explained, “There are Vehicons every with Dark Energon bleeding off of them. I might be able to guide us out of this shit storm, but I am not making any promises.”

“What makes you think that they are after us?” Bee asked.

“I just know,” Blaze replied, “I don’t know how, but I just do.”

As Blaze finished his sentence, sixteen Vehicons jumped out of nowhere, smashing into Bee. He transformed almost instantly, launching the two humans that had been inside him to something that looked safe.

Of course this was an understatement, because the Vehicons turned on Blaze and Raf. Raf started to back up, but soon found himself backed against a wall. Blaze on the other hand approached the Vehicons, who all had their cannons primed and aimed at Blaze.

The Vehicons all opened fire on Blaze at once, destroying the place that he had been standing in. when the smoke cleared, they discovered that Blaze wasn’t there. Thinking that they had destroyed the Human Super-soldier, they turned on Arcee and Bee.

“Raf, go find the Wreckers,” Bee shouted, blocking one of the Vehicons attacks, “Tell ‘em that we are in a slight problematic situation here.”

Raf nodded before getting up, and racing off. As he ran he pasted Blaze, who had sprinted off, shortly before the Vehicons had almost killed him.

“Keep going,” Blaze whispered, “I’m going back in.”

With that, Blaze put his words into action, taking off towards the Vehicons that were now piling onto Bee and Arcee. Upon his arrival, Blaze tore through the Vehicons, using his phasing ability to pull apart the Decepticon foot soldiers.

As he tossed aside the last one, Bee and Arcee stood up, crouching slightly as Blaze knocked down yet another Vehicon that had tried to sneak up on them.

“What now?” Arcee asked.

“We find Raf,” Bee replied, “We can’t have him running around in a Vehicon infested city.”

The trio nodded in agreement, before racing off in Raf’s last known direction. As they moved, Blaze went over the different ways he could take out the Vehicons. As far as he could tell, he could phase through them, move at the speed of sound – causing them to shoot each other – and he could return the Energon rounds back at the Vehicons thanks to his atom bending abilities.

Before long they found Raf, how had found Miko and the Wreckers, and the said Autobots were currently surrounded by Vehicons. Bee and Arcee stopped, as they brought their weapons to bear, and opened fire.

Blaze continued on with his head long charge, and smashed into three Vehicons, going out of phase just before impact. The Vehicons collapsed, as their Spark Chambers were torn out by the force of Blaze phasing in and out as he passed through them.

Blaze turned on his heel, and quickly smashed into another tangle of Vehicons. This time though, as he passed through, he sucked in the Energon that still lingered within the Dark Energon infused Vehicons.

As this happened, Blaze was forced to change tactics, as his energy was starting to spike into dangerously new levels. Of course, this was all thrown aside, as Blaze rolled over the last Con that he accepted.

Before him, Starscream stood, who had an Energon weapon aimed at Ratchet’s head. Blaze charged forward, intending to knock Starscream down. Of course, Starscream stepped aside just as Blaze was about to ram into him.

The Con then jumped into the air, transforming to his Jet mode as he went past. Blaze turned around, and was about to jump at the Con, when he spoke.

“My name is Darkshard,” the jet screamed as it raced over the Autobots’ heads, “And you shall all bow down to my master, Lord Unicron!”

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