Chapter Three

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Miko was standing at a computer when an alarm went off. Ratchet walked in and swore.

“Raf, the computer is got another problem!” Miko shouted.

“What, I thought I had fixed them last month,” Raf stated, hooking his laptop up to the Base’s network system, “I wonder what it is this time…”

“Um, I don’t think it is a glitch,” Ratchet stated, “I think that this may be true.”

On the screen, there was the one ship that could be seen as a possible threat: The Nemesis. But the three teens and the Autobot medic didn’t seem overly concerned, as they thought that it was Team Prime returning to earth for unknown reasons.

“Why would they have returned so soon?” Raf asked, “Why would they come here when Earth no longer had any Energon?”

What Raf was asking was quite true. Energon deposits on Earth had all been removed and space-bridged to Cybertron half a year ago, and the Nemesis couldn’t just be turning up for any reason.

“Hmm…have you tried hailing them?” Ratchet asked, “or have they sent us a message explaining their presence?”

“I have tried, but from what I can tell, their communications have been destroyed,” Raf explained, “And they haven’t sent us any messages.”

“Would the ground-bridge be able to get to the Nemesis?” Jack asked as he entered the room.

“It could, but it would be risky if we don’t know what is going on up there,” Raf stated.

“I’m willing to take that risk,” Jack stated, “Besides, it may be our only option.”


Smokescreen dashed back onto the hanger deck. The Vehicons that he had run into in the corridor leading to the prison cells giving chase. When he got to the flight deck that ran the length of the Nemesis, Starscream stopped.

Right in front of him, a ground-bridge had opened.

‘How did they know I needed a way off this thing?’ Starscream asked himself, before ducking as a shot flew over his head.

He transformed into his vehicle mode and started to race towards the ground-bridge. Suddenly the human Jack stepped out. Granted he did look different, but Starscream knew what the boy looked like.

“Get out of here Jack!” Starscream stated, slowing down only slightly, so that he didn’t squash Jack, “I got Vehicons on my tail.”

Jack jumped onto my hood, and I picked up speed, almost flying through the ground-bridge and smashing into a pile of crates that had been stacked in a corner of the Unit-3’s base.

“Ratchet, close the bridge!” Jack ordered.

“What about others?” Ratchet asked.

“Either close that bridge,” Smokescreen stated, transforming back into his robot mode, “Or we are gonna have Vehicons crawling all over the place.”

Ratchet nodded as he shut down the ground bridge, before turning to Jack.

“Jack, I need you to call Agent Fowler,” Ratchet explained, “Tell him what is going on.”

“Why me?” Jack asked, “Why can’t you do it?”

“Because Smokescreen needs a look over,” Ratchet stated, “Just get it done, alright.”


Agent William Fowler was on his way to meet a particularly strange department of the US government that he hadn’t known about until just recently. He had been told by the President himself that this boy was part of a top secret project codenamed Cyberhuman.

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