Chapter 13

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It was nearly noon. Or at least that was what Optimus had told Blaze. The Vehicons and Humans were all waiting quietly around the base that Unicron had set up near the Well of All Sparks.

“Just as well,” Blaze muttered to himself, “Time is running short as it is; we don’t need to be wasting any more trying to find that well.”

“I agree,” Optimus replied, “But this also means that if we fail, then he doesn’t have to go as far to complete his plan.”

“I never make room for failure,” Blaze retorted calmly, “We don’t fail, and if we do, we make sure that Unicron fails too.”

“How so?” Optimus asked a thoughtful expression on his face.

“I’ll destroy the All Spark and the Matrix of Leadership,” Blaze explained, “Hopefully the resulting reaction will cause Unicron to explode too.”

Optimus nodded, before settling back down to wait for the Wreckers to make the first move.


Miko was up front, wearing the indestructible Cybertronian armour of hers, and was soon followed by Ultra Magnus, Bulkhead and Wheeljack. They raced across the intervening space between Unicron’s base and the Autobots’. Upon arriving at Unicron’s base, Wheeljack pulled two of his grenades off his back, and placed them on the all.

“Fire in the hole,” He whispered, only loud enough for the other Wreckers to hear.

With an almighty explosion, the wall was lifted some ten metres in the air, before falling back to Cybertron with a thud. The Wreckers climbed over the resulting rumble, and charged into the undead base.


With the explosion, the humans, Vehicons, and remaining members of Team Prime charged forward, not slowing down as the Undead also charged towards them. When the two armies meet in the middle, Blaze transformed into Jet mode, and felt Optimus grab onto his undercarriage.

Blaze dropped Optimus right on top of Unicron, before swinging around for another pass, strafing the twisted Cybertronian. He repeated this twice more, driving Unicron away from his army.

“You cannot defeat me,” Unicron taunted, “A single Prime being assisted by a mutant human.”

Blaze morphed his left and right arms into his two Smoothbore Guns, while his third appeared over his right shoulder. He fired all three at once, three shells slamming into Unicron at once.

Optimus followed this up with the Star Saber, slashing into Unicron’s Dark Star Saber. The three of them fought back and forwards, Blaze providing the edge that Optimus needed over Unicron.

But it wasn’t enough.

“Die Prime!” Unicron shouted, as he thrust the Dark Star Saber in Optimus’ direction.

Time slowed down, as Optimus tried to deflect the Dark Star Saber, but was too slow. This was followed by a grim smirk of victory appearing on Unicron’s face. Blaze stepped in at the last moment though, pushing Optimus out of the way to do so.

“Gah,” Blaze grunted, as the Dark Star Saber entered his heart, instead of Optimus’ Spark Chamber.

Unicron’s smirk faulted for a moment, as he realised what happened, but even if the twisted Dark God wanted to reverse what had happened, there was no way for him to do so.

One Prime still stood tall, while Unicron had just destroyed the keeper of the All Spark, the only one that could unlock the cube and its part of Primus’ being. Unicron quickly removed the Dark Star Saber from Blaze’s chest, and was about to swing it at Optimus, when his shoulder froze.

“What? What is happening?” Unicron demanded, as his entire body started to feel weak.

“I needed energy to repair myself,” Blaze deadpanned, “And you are the closest expandable. So I am sucking out your spark.”

“No, you cannot do this,” Unicron screamed, “This is impossible! You cannot destroy a go…!”

Unicron froze at that moment, before his spark was forcibly ripped out of Megatron’s Spark Chamber. Blaze sagged, as he felt Unicron try to escape his body. But no matter how hard Unicron tried, he only brought his restraints closer to him.

“What is going on here?” Megatron demanded, as he blinked at Cybertron’s sky, “Where am I?”

Optimus kneeled beside Megatron and explained the whole situation to him. When he was finished, Megatron turned to Blaze, a thoughtful, yet sad look on his face.

“I guess I have you to thank,” Megatron stated, “For releasing me from Unicron’s hold.”

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