Chapter Two

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The Cybertronian that the Autobots had found was none other than Shockwave, an emotionless Decepticon scientist, and was buried in the ground. Bulkhead shifted the rock the rest of the way, and Bumblebee dragged Shockwave out of the hole they had found him in.

“It looks like an escape pod,” Bulkhead pointed out, “And there are a bunch of scratch marks, that I doubt this guy caused.”

“I’d have to agree,” Optimus said, “It appears that there was at least one other occupant of this pod that must have escaped.”

“Okay, so someone has escaped?” Bumblebee asked, “So what? It was probably one of his Predacon experiments anyway.”

“I don’t think so,” Arcee stated, looking into the pod, “Those aren’t the claw marks of a Predacon.”

Everyone was silent, while they thought about who the other escapee could have been. Suddenly their thoughts were disturbed, as the Nemesis’ engines ignited, and the ship began to rise off the planet’s surface.


Starscream walked across the bridge of the Nemesis as it exited Cybertron’s atmosphere. The Vehicons on the bridge were only a small number of those that he had managed to liberate.

“If the Autobots find us,”Starscream heard his own voice, “Then we will have to advance our plans to the next phase, at a less efficient pace.”

“I know what I said,” Starscream growled, “That is why we need to get to Earth before the accursed Autobots figure out what we are doing.”

As the Nemesis rose into the empty space that surrounded Cybertron, Starscream became increasingly worried. He had counted on the Autobots at least shooting at him while he made his way off world with the Decepticon Army that had defected as part of Megatron’s failsafe plan.

But instead, the Autobots were letting him and his new army leave unopposed. Not that Starscream thought of it as useful, but it was a bit strange that no one had noticed a large ship leaving a desolate world.

‘I wonder if the Autobots even care,’ Starscream mused, ‘They do have Cybertron all to themselves now, so I see no reason for them to worry.’

Starscream turned away from Soundwave, and began to pace backwards and forwards across the deck. As he paced, he constantly looked out the viewport, only to find Cybertron wasn’t getting any smaller.

“Why are we not moving towards the Space Bridge?” Starscream demanded, “If we are to get to Earth, we are going to have to leave Cybertron’s orbit!”

“Sir, we cannot detect the Space Bridge,” a Vehicon stated, “In fact, all of our sensors have been disabled.”

Starscream groaned in frustration, “Soundwave, can you go deal with this…minor issue?”

Soundwave turned around, and left the bridge. Starscream watched as Cybertron’s moon came into view and with it a large space station that hadn’t been orbiting the moon when the Nemesis had first returned to Cybertron.

“Once the sensors are back online,” Starscream ordered, “I want you to scan that station.”


A sports car that resembled the Earth based Lotus Exige raced across the Nemesis’ flight deck. The Autobot had been on board with Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus, when the Decepticons – lead by Starscream – had hijacked the Nemesis and left Cybertron.

Smokescreen had been able to use the Phase Shifter to get to the Nemesis’ sensor array. Now he had to find a way to meet up with the other two Autobots, whom had deemed it necessary to knock out the Nemesis’ core.

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