Chapter 12

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The Autobots all gathered around the life sized representation of Primus, as if he was in his Humanoid form. Blaze stood close to the All Spark, almost as if the cube wanted him to.

“Primus, what do we owe the honour of your presence?” Optimus asked.

“Cybertron has come under attack. I have come under attack,” Primus stated, “Unicron has returned to Cybertron, and is now in the process of planting hundreds, if not thousands of his Dark Energon Crystals.

“I am already starting to feel weak, due to the lack of Energon, but now I am on my death bed. You must come to Cybertron, and protect me from Unicron; he must not be able to place Dark Energon within me.”

“We have an army,” Arcee stated, “But no way of getting it to Cybertron.”

“The human/Cybertronian hybrid is the answer to that problem,” Primus explained, “He shall be the All Spark’s guardian, but he is also the key to defeating Unicron. You must get him and the All Spark to Cybertron before it is too late.”

With that, the recording ended, and the Autobots all looked in Blaze’s direction, as he picked up the All Spark. When Blaze was standing at his full height, he looked at the thoughtful faces around him.

“What?” Blaze asked.

“You are in command,” Optimus stated, “And Primus knows that you have the answer to getting the humans to the Space Bridge. So what is your plan?”

Blaze looked at the Cube in his hands, and then looked around at all of the Human shuttles, each of which had been hastily put together by Blaze and Ratchet, as they upgraded the humans’ tech.

“Ratchet, if I feed power into the Ground Bridge, would you be able to establish a stable link to the Space Bridge?”

“How close and how stable?” was the reply.

“As stable as you can possibly make it,” Blaze stated, “And right next to its event horizon.”

With that Ratchet and Blaze walked to the Ground Bridge generator, and Blaze placed his hand on the power lines, forcing energy into them. He then looked up at Ratchet and nodded his head.

“Activating Space Bridge,” Ratchet said, “All shuttles are ready for launch. Ground Bridges have their coordinates and are opening in front of the shuttles, and will exit right on the Space Bridge’s event horizon.”

“Tell the shuttles to get moving,” Blaze gasped, as his energy was suddenly sucked out of him, “And tell Team Prime to go too. We’ll follow once all of the Shuttles are through the Space Bridge.”

Ratchet nodded, before repeating the instructions. I grunted again as another surge of energy was suddenly sucked out of me.


On Cybertron, Unicron was looking around the graveyards that surrounded the Well of All Sparks. In his hand there was a single Dark Energon Shard, and that was all he would need to create his mindless army.

“And now I shall rise an army,” Unicron announced, “An army that doesn’t need to rest, or sleep, and will obey my every command without hesitation or thought.”

He stabbed the shard into the ground, and watched as Dark Energon tendrils raced off towards the nearby graves, before spreading even further, spreading for as far as the eye could see.

“Rise, my children,” Unicron yelled, “Join your master in his quest for universal conquest!”

Nothing happened for a moment, but soon arms and legs were shooting out of the ground, clutching at whatever they could. They were then followed by the heads and bodies of the dead Cybertronians.

“Now my Children, destroy the Decepticons,” Unicron commanded, “And when the Autobots arrive, as they surely will, destroy them as well.”

Many of the Vehicons fled, but just as many were torn apart by the undead Cybertronians. Unicron smiled to himself, before returning to the Well of the All Sparks.


After appearing on the other side of the Space Bridge, Blaze had shifted each and every single on the Human Shuttles into position around Cybertron. The Autobots couldn’t help him move the shuttles, but they did do their best at keeping the shuttles in their place.

Once the last shuttle was in its spot, Blaze transformed into his jet mode, and streaked towards Cybertron’s surface, signalling for the shuttles and Autobots to follow after.

Blaze was the last to land, as he constantly flew over the landing zone for the Autobots’ human ally. When he did land though, he was grateful to find the humans already moving into their positions.

What he didn’t find pleasing was the fact that Optimus Prime was discussing something with an unhealthy sized group of Vehicons. As Blaze approached though, he noticed how many of the Vehicons glanced around themselves, as if they were scared of something.

“Prime, what’s the problem?” Blaze asked once he was within speaking range, “Why are there all of these Vehicons here, and yet none of them are attacking us.”

“We wish to assist in the effort to free our world;” One the Vehicons stated, “Unicron has no use for us, and has destroyed the Decepticons that had either remained here, or returned with Unicron. Even the Nemesis is no longer.”

Blaze nodded thoughtfully, before replying, “Any help that anyone has to offer us is wanted, and is welcomed. Though your appearance has put a small spanner in our plan, it is an easy fix.”

“What shall we being doing?” another Vehicon asked.

“You lot will be supporting the humans,” Blaze explained, “The humans will be engaging Unicron’s defences, while Team Prime and I shall engage him directly.”

“As long as we get a chance at undoing the damage that has been caused to our world, we will assist you wherever is necessary.”

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