Worlds collide. (Rwby and Transformers) by TheGreatDazza
Worlds collide. (Rwby and TheGreatDazza
Fall of Cybertron. (Disclaimer: I do not own rwby nor Transformers) For every forces in the universe, there's an equal and an opposite. For every matter, an anti matter...
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Will of the Primes (Optimus Prime x Reader) by LegacyofthePrimes
Will of the Primes (Optimus LegacyistheName
(Y/n) is a girl with a life that is far from normal, but she's okay with that. The best things can come from the unique and different. She was told about sparkmates and...
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Transformers Prime: Through Bad and Through Worse by EmBayBlue
Transformers Prime: Through Bad leaf
So this is a RatchetxOptimus fanfic written by a partnership between me, Pepauppy_Autobot, and ScorchleDragon. We do not own Transformers or its characters, we only own...
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Lost Love - A Ratchet Love Story by TransformersRules
Lost Love - A Ratchet Love Storyby StormBlazer
Anna is a twelve year old girl that adores the transformers franchise. She is loved dearly by her parents. She sees her mom more than her dad. Anna's dad is in the milit...
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How We Met by TransformersRules
How We Metby StormBlazer
Megatron has a lot of things he needs to get off his chassis. Being the Commander of an entire ship of vehicons and mindless Decepticons has its cons. All of these probl...
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Transformers: Prime and the Mutant by blueflameprime
Transformers: Prime and the Mutantby blueflameprime
A girl that helps the Autobots but theirs more than meets the eye with her. Authors note: Their is a glitch. It's not 41 parts sadly I don't know why it's doing it and...
  • romance
  • cybertron
  • optimus
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Animal (Yandere! Arcee) by LastLightAlive
Animal (Yandere! Arcee)by Ombra
TFP! Yandere! Arcee x Cybertronian! Male! Reader ------ Here we go again... ------ "(Y/n), do you really want to do this again? Aren't you tired?" ------ The c...
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the war on remnant by kieron0103
the war on remnantby Kieron
after all the autobots and decepticons left but one ship the ark had a misson to find a new home and to keep the allspark safe from the decepticons but unknown to th...
  • hope
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Transformer X Reader Lemons by SethGenesis
Transformer X Reader Lemonsby e c h
{ :: ON HIATUS :: } Literally, what it says on the tin. I intend to add a little more eloquence (and NSFW) to the already literate, creative and talented side of the Tra...
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The Spark of Cybertron by Lady_Kera
The Spark of Cybertronby The General of the Loki Army
Born with a glowing weird symbol mark on her left arm, Ora Primrose was called a freak on the first day of her new school. When all things seemed falling apart in life...
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I'd Choose You (Bumblebee X Reader) by RecklessProblems
I'd Choose You (Bumblebee X Reader)by HellBntDevil
---------------- You are Lauryn Joyce Jacobs, a throwaway, a 27 year old who is in love with Bumblebee, or just a woman who wants a life? Who are you? What do you want...
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💙Live For Me💙(Optimus!Prime X Female!Reader) by Sana_scarlet9
💙Live For Me💙(Optimus!Prime X ~`🌷Scarlet🌷`~
"Smile For Me" "Live For Me" SPOILERS!! This story happens inside "The Last Knight" Movie, but There will be a follow up of "Transform...
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Imminence by BlazeFlamewing
Imminenceby BlazeFlamewing
We all know about the Cold War. A time when humanity was under threat from nuclear obliteration... One that nearly escalated in the light of the Cuban Missile crisis. A...
  • decepticons
  • paveway
  • autobot
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Attack on Soundwave  by LastLightAlive
Attack on Soundwave by Ombra
(Transformers Prime Soundwave x Attack On Titan) <<SLOW UPDATES>> ---------- "He's the last person you'd think would help humanity," ---------- Aft...
  • reader
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Daughter Of A Prime. by Kayrae2017
Daughter Of A KaykayRenee
19 year old Lila Jane Witwicky is just a normal girl who loves to get dirty and work on cars. Her brother buys a car who was secretly a giant alien robot. Until one day...
  • cybertron
  • transformers
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Transformers Prime: The Creator's Light by StarshooterPrime
Transformers Prime: The Creator' StarshooterPrime
When a young human femme abused when she was small is discovered by one of the thirteen original primes a new chapter of hope appears for all Cybertronians. Primus allow...
  • redemption
  • unicron
  • death
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Ruby - Transformers: The Last Knight by AimeeElizabeth19
Ruby - Transformers: The Last Aimee Elizabeth
It's been a year since Optimus Prime left Earth. Ruby is giving 'normal' a go, even though she is anything but. The world is changing. Alien robots are flocking to their...
  • alien
  • ruby
  • decepticon
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Leader's Posession(Starscream x Megatron) by Purpleice26
Leader's Posession(Starscream x E-p Maya
Hi y'all soup this is my fists attempt at a Transformers yaoi because one i luv da moves and da animated series well because i grew up watching it and stuff :...
  • transformers
  • cybertron
  • autobots
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NEVER MET SOMEONE LIKE YOU (TF prime) by Thunder_Silverblood
Transformers Prime BREAKDOWN x FEMALE READER [ Part 1] Part 2 coming soon •~-COMPLETED-~•
  • cybertronians
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