Chapter 14

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Blaze nodded, before collapsing to the ground. Optimus and Megatron both rushed to Blaze’s side, and helped him to his feet. Blaze gagged, and Dark Energon flowed out of his mouth.

“What’s happening, Blaze?” Optimus asked.

“I am dying,” Blaze deadpanned again, “I can’t hold Unicron in forever, and I never actually fully healed myself after taking the Dark Star Saber to my chest.”

“Is there anything we can do to help him?” Megatron asked, his voice grating slightly.

“The All Spark,” Blaze groaned, as more Dark Energon flowed out of his mouth, “Give me the All Spark.”

Optimus pulled the All Spark out of a small compartment next to his Spark Chamber. It had been a risk placing the All Spark so close to the Matrix of Leadership, but both Optimus and Blaze had agreed that if Optimus was to die, then that was where the wound would be made.

“In my hands,” Blaze instructed, “And then back off.”

The two Cybertronians did as they were told, and watched in awe, as Blaze unlocked the All Spark, and absorbed the part of Primus that had been inside it.

“I will be taking the All Spark back to Primus,” Blaze explained, “And I am dying as it is, so there is no reason to risk someone else with this burden. I will travel to Cybertron’s core, and meld myself with Primus, hopefully giving him the required jumpstart to start reproducing Energon and Sparks at an increased rate.”

“You can’t do this though,” Megatron stated, “How do you know that the Autobots and Decepticons won’t go back to war?”

“Because neither the Autobots nor Decepticons exist anymore,” Blaze stated.

“Is it that right choice though?” Optimus asked, “There is still so much that needs to be done to repair the damage that has been done because of our conflict.”

“And there is nothing that I would be able to help with,” Blaze replied, “I do not belong here; I never did, and never will. It is best if I do this.”

They argued back and forwards for some time, both Megatron and Optimus coming up with arguments that would have swayed someone with less common sense, or with less knowledge of what was too be, and what could be.

Eventually though, they ran out of things to throw at Blaze, and the trio lapsed into silence. It was quite, as nobody wanted to say anything. Blaze then stepped forward and said, “It was an honour fighting alongside you and the rest of Team Prime, Optimus Prime.”

“The feeling is indeed returned,” Optimus replied, as the rest of Team Prime approached the trio.

“And Megatron, while I never fought against you or alongside you,” Blaze stated, “It was my honour freeing you from Unicron.”

“You have my thanks, Blaze,” Megatron replied.

Then Team Prime was crowding around Blaze, as they tried to figure out what was going on, and why. Once the situation had been explained several times over, Blaze finally said goodbye to the rest of Team Prime.

He then turned back to Optimus and Megatron.

“I know not of what challenges await your kind,” Blaze said, “But I do know that I shall now have a part in protecting Primus, even if it is from within.”

He places his left arm on Megatron’s shoulder, saying, “Do not lose sight of what is around you, and do not try to see something that should not be seen.”

Megatron grimaced as Blaze then looked at Optimus Prime, and said, “Not much can be offered in terms of words of wisdom. Not to a Prime at least. But I will say this: if ever there is a time as to which you must protect your home and your people, then know that both I and humanity can always help.”

“Thank you for your advice Blaze,” Optimus replied, “We can only wish you luck in your new life.”

“Thank you,” Blaze returned the thanks, “For making me feel needed for something other than a pin cushion.”

With those words, Blaze jumped into the air, transforming into his Jet form as he climbed towards Cybertron’s atmosphere. Just before he exited the planet’s atmosphere though, he returned to his humanoid form, and began the freefall to Primus’ heart.

“And then there were two,” Megatron spoke softly, as Blaze fell from the air, “Only one a Prime, the other, a traitor.”

“Not quite, my son,” Primus replied, “You have suffered much at the hands of Unicron, and have more than made up for what you have done in the past. There for I ask that you join Optimus as a Prime.”

“Thank you Primus,” Megatron replied, “But I do not believe that I deserve such a title. Not anymore.”

“And that is way you are now a Prime,” Primus replied, “You know that you do not deserve the title, and know that you have done wrong that cannot be forgiven. Which is why you are now the first of second generation Primes.”

“If you believe in me,” Megatron spoke slowly, “Then I cannot deny such a gift.”

“And so the greatest defender of Cybertron falls,” Primus says, “And another rises to take his place.”


Blaze could feel the heat of travelling at such high speeds as he smashed through layers of Dark Energon crystals that Unicron had managed to plant before being stopped.

But with every shard that Blaze smashed, hundreds of kilometres of Cybertron were cleared of Dark Energon, turning it into rich pure Energon.

Was Blaze afraid of dying? No he wasn’t; not when he was only moving onto another stage of living. In fact, Blaze thought of it as moving from one body to the next, keeping only his memories, feelings, and thoughts.

So when he smashed into Primus, he didn’t resist the calming hand that caught hold of him. Instead, Blaze went out of Phase, letting his body sink into Primus’ own core, dissolving his physical body, and returning the All Spark to Primus.


All around the former Autobots and Decepticons life was coming back to their world, as Energon once again ran through the planet’s veins. Cybertronians rejoiced, as Megatron took the oath that was required of him, and the feasts began.

He and Optimus lead the celebrations, the two once again reunited in friendship. The Autobots mixed with their former foes, and before long everyone was laughing and joining in with the festive.

“See what happens when peace finally comes round?” Optimus asked Megatron.

“While I see the point that you are trying to make Optimus,” Megatron replied carefully, “I also see the scars that were caused by my greed. Not only the scars on our world, but also on that of our people.”

“He who does not regret the past,” Optimus explained, “Instead learns from it, so that he does not repeat it.”

“Again, thank you Optimus,” Megatron said, before walking away.

A small smile tugged at Optimus’ lips, as he watched Megatron walk amongst the Cybertronians. The Prime felt a new presence at his side, and glanced in its direction, only to find Blaze standing there.

“I thought you had launched yourself into Primus?” Optimus asked, “How are you here?”

“I now live on the same plane of existence as Primus,” Blaze explained, “And therefore can interact with beings in the same way. But you must not worry yourself with why I am here, instead let me do what I came to do.”

With that, Optimus returned his attention to the celebrations. This time the smile showed itself, and the Prime followed Megatron into the crowd, joining his fellow Cybertronians in celebrating the rebirth of their world.

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