Chapter 8

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As Ratchet continued to work, those that were forced to wait outside started to talk amongst themselves; all of the different conversations leading back to the Super-Human that was currently undergoing examination.

“If he is all that you said he was Jacky,” Bulkhead said, “Then we might get another Human Wrecker.”

“He’s more than a Wrecker Bulkhead,” Wheeljack replied, “He’s more likely going to be a scout or a stealth member. But I do like the idea of having a Wrecker that can Phase through walls while carrying explosives.”

“What about me?” Miko demanded, “What’ll I do?”

“C’mon Miko, you’ve got that indestructible Cybertronian suit,” Bulkhead replied, “That’ll always come in handy.”

“He’s a good shot,” Jack noted, “I mean, I know that the Vehicons are massive and are hard to miss, but he was taking them out in single shots. And he was using hard rounds.”

“And he tore into the Cons like there was no tomorrow,” Raf added, “It was like he was only gonna be here for a day before he was killed or captured.”

“You got all of that from the sensors?” Smokescreen asked.

“That and more,” Raf explained, “I was able to watch as he attacked the Vehicons. The way he fought…it was like he was combining all of the different Martial Arts together. Even with the increased sensors that you guys gave us, I was unable to keep track of him the whole time.”

“He did say that he could move faster than a normal human,” Bee said, “he would make a good scout. And we have been in need of another scout for some time.”

Optimus walked in at that point, with Ultra Magnus walking behind him slightly. When Optimus appeared, all conversation ceased. Optimus looked around, before glancing in the direction of Ratchet’s workspace.

“Still at it, is he?” Optimus asked.

Arcee nodded, “Still at it. And all we’ve heard is him cursing a lot.”


As this was happening, Ratchet was in fact staring intently at his screen. Covering the screen, was several readings from Blaze’s cells; skin, blood, bone and muscle cells.

And what he could see didn’t have him particularly happy. From what he could figure out, the shard that had been jabbed into his chest was full of Dark Energon. And from previous encounters, Dark Energon tended to reanimate the dead.

Of course, when this happened, it also made the reanimated Cybertronian mentally unstable, causing them to go berserk, and attacking anyone and everyone. Of course that was the side effects on a Cybertronian, not a human. As far as Ratchet could tell; Energon, Dark or not, would kill or seriously damage a human.

And then there was the fact that Blaze’s DNA had already been modified beyond that of a normal human. But that also meant that the effects of having Energon in his body would have unpredictable side effects, and Dark Energon would only be worse.

“You should be going nuts,” Ratchet muttered, as he hovered over Blaze, “And yet you are pretty calm. Who am I kidding, you’re still dead.”

Ratchet moved over to his medical equipment, as an uneven beeping sound started coming from it. At a first glance, the display would look confusing, even for the veteran medical officer.

But after some quick alterations, the display started to make more sense. Sadly, it was only enough sense to bring the Autobots’ leader in.

“What appears to be the trouble, old friend?” Optimus asked.

“Do you know what that is?” Ratchet asked, pointing at his screen, the one showing the strange vital signs.

“I can’t say I can,” the Prime replied slowly, “But can I assume it has something to do with our dead friend here?”

Ratchet glanced at Blaze’s body, before staring back at Optimus.

“I don’t think he is quite dead yet,” Ratchet replied, “There is something in his DNA that is able to tap into the power source that is contained with the Dark Energon Shard.”

“SO if we remove the shard…?” Optimus started, before he was interrupted.

“There is no removing the shard,” Ratchet explained, “It’s been fused into his body. There is no way of getting it out, not without possibly killing him. And I am not ready to let that happen.”

Optimus glanced between Blaze, Ratchet, and the screen that was displaying Blaze’s erratic vitals, and then back at Ratchet. He repeated this several times, before saying:

“Is he stable enough to be taken off life support?”

“I wish I could answer that,” Ratchet replied, “But I have no idea as to what the Dark Energon has done to Blaze.”

“Well, I guess I can put to rest any unease about that problem,” Blaze stated from where he was sitting at the operating table.

“How…? In the name of the All Spark,” Ratchet breathed, “How are you still alive?”

“Like you said Ratchet,” Blaze explained, “My body is now feeding off the almost limitless energy that is stored in the shard that is stuck in my body. As far as I can tell, other than being undead, I am pretty much the same.”

“It would be interesting to test you in the field,” Optimus stated, “But for now, you need to be introduced to the team.”

Suddenly everyone came rushing at once; the humans coming around the edge of the raised floors, as to not be trampled by their larger allies.

“I assume you have already met Ratchet our field Medic,” Optimus started introducing the different members of team Prime, “Then there is Ultra Magnus, CO of the Wreckers. Bulkhead and Wheeljack are also both Wreckers.

“Arcee is our only female Cybertronian for Team Prime. Bumblebee is our latest warrior addition, only after being promoted from scout. And I’ll let you get to know the humans we have on our team in their own time.”

“Thank you Optimus Prime,” Blaze stated, “I shall do what I can to help your cause.”

Optimus nodded, before motioning for the Autobots to follow him out. Blaze was then left with the human side of Team Prime, and soon got to know all of them.

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