Chapter 6

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As Optimus, Bumblebee, Arcee and finally Bulkhead walked through the entrance of the massive underground carven that Unit-3 had set up their base of Operations; they were confronted by those of the Autobot team that had either been left behind, or those that had arrived earlier, due to the Decepticon escape.

“Autobots stand fast,” Ultra Magnus barked as he laid eyes on Optimus, “Welcome back to Earth sir.”

“It is good to be back,” the Prime replied, “But I wish it wasn’t under such dire circumstances.”

“I can only say the same,” Fowler said, “Though, I guess things could be much worse.”

“How so?” Bumblebee asked.

“Other than just targeting key military installations around the globe,” Ratchet explained, “The Decepticons have pretty much kept to themselves.”

“So there wasn’t any real reason for us to come here?” Arcee asked, standing up straight after giving Jack a pat on the back, “Other than you being extremely lonely.”

“I think our first priority should be to figure out why the Cons are back,” Blaze said.

“And who might you be?” Bulkhead asked aggressively, “and how did you get in here?”

“Whoa Bulkhead, calm down mate,” Wheeljack said, “He’s on our side, and his name is Blaze. Apparently he was with Agent Fowler when the Cons got the jump on them.”

Bulkhead relaxed, and nodded at Blaze in greeting. Optimus turned to the young human male, and said, “It is good to meet you Blaze. May I put forth a question?”

“I don’t see why not.”

“How did you come to be at Fowler’s side when he was ambushed by the Cons?”

Blaze glanced sideways at Fowler, who nodded his permission.

“I am an experiment of the American Government,” Blaze stated bluntly.

“What kind of experiment?” Raf asked.

“A Human/Cybertronian Super-Soldier Hybrid,” Blaze replied, “The codename for the operation that I was the subject of, and therefore my own codename, was Cyberhuman Alpha-Omega.

“My memory and processing abilities have been increased to ten times that of an ordinary human, I can run faster, and for longer, jump, and fall from, higher points. I can see in the dark, heal wounds that have been inflicted upon myself, and I can absorb others’ DNA into my own, as well as natural or artificial elements.

“Agent Fowler had picked me up from the facility that I had been kept in for the past ten years of my life, and we were on our way here when we were captured by several Vehicons.”

The Autobots glanced between each other, before looking at Blaze.

“Welcome to Team Prime,” Optimus stated, “We hope that you will bring invaluable skills to our fight against the Decepticons.”


Starscream was pacing back and forth on the Bridge of the Nemesis. There had been reports of Megatron walking out of the ocean that he had been buried in, before marching onto a Cybertronian graveyard.

All of this and more, Starscream was pondering, when the said Decepticon leader walked through the bridge doors.

“Welcome master,” Starscream greeted, “As you can see, I have kept the Decepticons on their feet ever since the Autobots had defeated us.”

“I am not Megatron,” Unicron said, “I am Unicron, and you are not fit for command.”

With that, Unicron used Megatrons Dark Star Saber to slice Starscream’s head off of his shoulders, causing the now deceased Decepticon to fall to the floor.

“And I am now the leader of the Decepticons,” Unicron finished.


The Vehicons had come out of nowhere, smashing aside all of the defences that Ratchet, Jack and Raf had help set up around the hastily set up base of operations. The Autobots had been forced to scatter, as they rushed to take on the overwhelming opponents.

“Blaze, I think you would be more helpful on the frontline,” Jack said, as he ducked behind the barricade that he and Blaze were using, “Instead of hanging back here, and taking pot shots at the Cons.”

“I was only waiting for someone with more experience to tell me so,” Blaze stated, replacing his Sniper Rifle with his slightly more compact Assault Rifle, “Keep their heads down.”

Blaze rushed forward, firing armour piercing and corrosive rounds into the Vehicon ranks. Then he was in their midst, as he danced amongst their legs, smashing them at odd angles, before jumping to the side as they fired on him.

It wasn’t long before the quite large group of Vehicons had been dealt with, and Blaze raised from the crouch that he had stopped in.

“Is there now one else that can match me?” Blaze called, “Or are you all worthless grunts, that your leaders just throw away at their pleasure?”

Before the Human Super-Soldier could do anything else, the Dark Star Saber exited his chest, slicing through most of his upper body.

“How about me?” Unicron retorted, “The Anti-Spark.”

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