All this. ALL THIS. Over a DiNg DaRn PuFfErFiSh.

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Percy and Annabeth had had a surprisingly calm week. I know right?....surprising.

But that was probably because Percy was on house arrest (Annabeth's idea of course). Since he had been stuck in the house for a week, he hadn't really had a chance to blow something up (unless you count exploding cereal, don't ask).

So since he hadn't been out for a while, Annabeth thought it was fair for him to leave the house for a small coffee break (read small date). So after wandering the streets of New York for a bit, they came by a small cafe and sat down for a relaxing evening. We all knew that wasn't going to last.

"So, Perce, when are you starting your marine biology course in New Rome university?" (a/n:is this how university works? IDK just go with it, I'm still a child who hasn't done anything important yet.) Annabeth said while taking a sip of her pure black coffee.
"Well" Percy started, "I'm starting in about a month for some courses...what about you?"
"I'm going for a few on architecture and I've already re-designed most of the buildings on mount Olympus. I'm starting at the same time you are"

"Awesome" Percy then downed the rest of his vanilla coffee with milk and 5 teaspoons of sugar. Annabeth wrinkled her nose at the sight.

"I don't understand how you can drink something so sugary"
"Well at least I don't have a pure black coffee mixture of death" Percy answered back.
Annabeth snorted "you're just too weak to try anything with less than two spoonfuls of sugar"
Percy crossed his arms and stuck out his tongue at her and Annabeth laughed and before looking him straight in the eye and drinking the rest of her coffee in one go. Percy was speechless.

When they finally paid and left, they made their way down the street. It was surprisingly calm and they had just let their guard down when the fates decided to have their fun. Well, their version of fun which is not fun a all.

Percy and Annabeth had just sat down on a bench for Annabeth to read and for Percy to stuff as much blue ice cream in his mouth as possible, you know, like normal couples do, when they suddenly heard a shout.

They turned to look and caught sight of a very patriotic guy. Percy had to stop himself from cursing the fates excessively when he realised who it was.

Well frick, here we go again.

Steve walked forwards towards the couple with confidence. He was looking very serious in his captain America suit which had his shield strapped to his back. When he reached them Steve spoke up.

"I need you to come with me."
Annabeth quickly analysed the situation before coming to a conclusion.
"Sorry I'm not taking no for an answer" Steve said subtly reaching for his shield. Annabeth's eyes flickered briefly to his hand before glaring at him angrily.

"I said it once and I'm not going to say it again" she said with annoyance "me and Percy were doing nothing wrong therefore you have no right to take us anywhere"

Percy nodded and ate another spoonful of ice cream.

"Listen" Steve said almost pleadingly "I don't want to fight you, but I will if I have to."
"You can try" was all Annabeth said.
That's when faint whistling sound caught Percy's attention. His demigod instincts kicked in and he automatically grabbed Annabeth and flung himself and Annabeth to the ground.

It was lucky he did because not even a second later a shield smashed into the bench destroying the rest of his ice cream and the bench.

"ExCuSe Me ThAt WaS rUdE" Percy shouted as he turned to face the Steve. He was more upset about the ice cream.Was it too much to ask for a relatively calm evening?

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