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To say things were going to Tartarus would be the understatement of the century.

Peter had swung full speed back to the tower and had narrowly missed swinging face first into the window. Not only was he swinging because of what happened to Steve, he was also hoping he never had to see that crazy blond lady again. She had way to much bug spray and one amazing punch.

As soon as Peter told them the news of what happened to Steve, a heavy silence descended.

Everyone was in a state of shock. So they sat in silence. That's when it all happened.

The sound of distant stomping gradually increased until Annabeth burst into the room breathing heavily with a look of pure, unveiled, anger. When she spoke she spoke quietly and menacingly, looking at each of the members in the room which consisted of Peter, Tony, Bruce, Bucky, Natasha and Clint

"Now who the frick-" She never got to finish her sentence as a loud crash was heard as a giant bronze dragon broke the window.

Leo jumped off Festus grinning widely.

"I heard Percy got kidnapped again"

Tony looked sadly at the broken glass

"My window.....". Leo looked at him and narrowed his eyes.

"Stark" Leo said taking a menacing step forward.

"Random boy who insulted me" Tony said giving him a glare.

They glared at each other for a few minutes before Leo spoke. "Your ark reactor sucks"

"You little sh-" Tony dived at Leo and they wrestled each other on the ground while Leo shouted insults about his suit.

A bolt of lightning hit the tower and Jason and Piper fell through the roof.

"Who kidnapped my bro-oh....why is Leo wrestli- Oh.."Jason said looking at Leo on the ground and then back to the team.

Bucky stood up to say something but was interrupted by Calypso and Mrs O'Leary running into the room.

"I heard Percy got kidnapped, I'm borrowing his dog and also LEO VALDEZ GOT YOUR HANDS OFF THAT POOR GUY"

"POOR" Tony shouted "Im anything but poor."

"Stop arguing idiots" Annabeth said "we sort of have a probl-" Annabeth stopped suddenly when she spotted a certain Spider-Man.

"Not again" Peter mumbled. Annabeth shrieked and got out her spider repellent. Peter gasped and backed away.

"Anything but bug spray.

Annabeth then started spraying an unhealthy amount of spray at Peter while he crawled onto the ceiling and took cover from her from her in the corner.

Nico and Will then fell out a shadow on top of Bucky, who gave a small yelp as he hit the ground.

Nico abruptly stood up and wiped himself off before helping Will up.

"Hey guys, heard Percy was kidnapped again." He then faced Bucky "Also, aren't you Bucky? Steve's boyfriend or something?" Bucky turned bright red and started spluttering out unintelligible things.

A loud gasp made everyone stop and look. Will was looking at Clint with wonder.

"MY LORD." Will said as he fell onto the floor and bowed to him. "My lord and saviour I am honoured to be In Your presence again"

Clint shuffled round nervously. "Um..okay?"

And so the chaos resumed with Jason running around accusing Thor and Bruce of kidnapping his bro and Piper running after him, trying to stop him from electrocuting them, Annabeth filling the room with bug spray that was aimed at poor Peter who was hiding in the corner of the ceiling, Leo and Tony who were trying to beat each other up while Leo screamed insults about his suit, Calypso was trying to get Festus and Mrs O'Leary under control as they rampaged round the room and finally Bucky who was having a long conversation with Nico about Steve (Nico was obviously giving relationship advice) . And of course there was Will, who was trying to polish Clint's shoe.

Throughout all this, Natasha was watching with annoyance. She was about to put a stop to all that was happening, when the problem sorted it self out.

A loud eagle screech was heard and everyone paused and turned to look at the door way.

Reyna stood there with frank in eagle form perched on her shoulder and her cape billowing behind her.

She looked pretty badass.

The only thing that ruined it was Hazel tripping forward onto the floor. She got up quickly and tried to look intimidating.

Reyna took one look at the scene before her, and looked accusingly at everyone.

The room was completely ruined with a broken window, a hole in the ceiling and banners that said 'I 💖 Hawkeye' plastered round. There were also several piece of paper littered around with suspicious paw marks and claw marks. It didn't help that no one could see each other because of the amount of bug spray everywhere. The room looked terrible.

"What, happened here" The room exploded into shouts and accusations and Reyna raised her hand to quieten them.

Reyna had expected Annabeth to sort things out, but of course she should have thought of Spider-Man. Reyna sighed and rubbed her temples in thought.

"Okay" she finally said, "what happened to Percy."

***under loads of building***place skip***

Percy woke up with a splitting headache. He sat up groggily before noticing something. This was definitely not his bed. He shot up and looked around before noticing another person there.

He took a moment to recognise who it was, but when he did he gave him a glare.

"You broke my ice cream." He said accusingly pointing a finger at him.

Steve jumped at the sudden sound and raised his shield, ready to throw.

Steve then slowly put his shield down and put his hands up in a truce.

"I don't know about you but fighting is not a good idea in this situation"

"What do you mean?" Percy asked, he had completely forgotten what had happened.

"Well for one thing you've been passed out for 7 hours another is that we are under a building with nothing but a sheet of ice stopping us from being crushed."

That's when Percy noticed the dome of ice that lay above them. (A/n:I'll explain how he did this next chapter) He also noticed the rumble above him.


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