Clint gets kidnapped by his cult

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Steve immediately whipped out his shield while Clint got out his bow and arrows.

Peter just awkwardly stood there trying to look intimidating but obviously failing because of his smol beanness.

Percy held up a packet of biscuits threateningly and tried to formulate a plan of escape. (Annabeth would be proud of his logical thinking).He was just about to cause a distraction by yeeting his biscuits at them when something even better came along.

Will walked in front of Percy, his back to the trio of superhero's, holding about 20 pomegranates. Percy only had to take one look at them to know this was Nico's doing.

Spider-Man looked thoroughly confused and whispered to Hawkeye.
"Why do they have so many pomegranates"

"Hey Percy wheres the trolley, Nico dumped all these on me. I don't understand how he can eat so many anyway" Will said, taking no notice of the people behind him.

An idea suddenly sparked in Percy's brain and he grabbed Will by his shoulders and made sure he faced away from the trio.

Percy looked at them and quickly said "I would take cover if I were you" before turning Will around to face them.

Will turned around and looked at captain America who had a confused look on his face because of the warning Percy had given them. Then he looked at  Spider-Man who had already given up trying to look intimidating and was aiming his web shooters at him and finally his eyes landed on Hawkeye.

Nothing in this universe could have prepared them for what was about to happen next.

He gave a loud gasp and Clint lowered his bow uncertainly. Will dropped all the pomegranates onto the floor and brought out a large microphone.
He took a deep breath.

Will then ripped off his shirt to reveal a 'i 💖 Hawkeye' shirt underneath, and started intensely fangirling.

Clint looked very uncomfortable.

There was suddenly the sound of glass smattering and dozen zip lines appeared and about 25 random people (they all wore 'I 💖 Hawkeye' shirts) all zipped into the store.

They brought out various signs proclaiming their love for Hawkeye, and crowded around him.

In all the chaos, Nico silently dragged Percy out of the chaos and shadow travelled away. Where he was met with a very angry Annabeth.

When the chaos had cleared Steve and Peter where the only ones left in the store.
The fans had gone.

They looked around for any clue of where they went, they found nothing but a note.

He's ors know

-Apolo caben

(A/n yeah Apollo cabin ain't the best at spelling (neither is anybody at camp)

Peter wrinkled his nose in disgust at the spelling.

**Time skip bruh**

When Steve and Peter returned to the tower Clintless, everyone knew something had happened.
Steve called a meeting and when everyone sat down he began solemnly recounting what happened.

"Clint has been taken. We were going shopping when we ran into that guy we've been chasing, Percy.
He had a friend with him and when he saw Clint he..." Steve shivered " he called forth the most terrifying army of all. These soldiers were not armed with weapons, but with love."

Thor looked confused " who are these warriors you speak of?"

"they are called fangirls Mr Thor," Peter said, "none can match them"

The team looked deep in thought.
Well, most of them were.

Natasha looked ready to kill. More than usual at least.

She clenched her fists and stood up defiantly
"I'm going to find who did this and kill them slowly. Then, I'll kill Clint for turning my hair pink"

Everyone nodded in silent agreement, Tony snickering silently at her hair colour.

Suddenly there was a ding of the elevator and out came none other than Clint himself.

He was on a cushion chair being held up by two people. He had a gold crown in his hair and his bow looked freshly polished and his arrows very pointed.

All in all, he looked like he was just crowned king.

The two people carrying him put him down and bowed muttering a quick "my lord" before walking back to the elevator.
Before it closed, they tossed him a prism (a thing that makes rainbows) and one of them said "use this to call us my lord"

They waved a goodbye to Clint and the elevator closed.

When Clint turned around he was met with shocked faces. They all looked like they had seen a ghost

"Hey guys" he chuckled nervously "what happened"

He was immediately tackled by Natasha who hugged him, slapped him and then proceeded to drag him out by the ear.

"Nooo Natasha I'm sorry. I didn't mean to turn your hair pink"

When Natasha retuned she had no Clint with her, only a satisfied smirk on her face.

Whenever they asked her where he was she would only reply with.

"He's in the naughty corner"

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I saw a cool sunset too

 I saw a cool sunset too

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