We take a surprise trip to sea world

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No ones PoV (I might just keep it like this for the rest of the story. Tell me if I should)

After spending ages trying to make Peter feel better after Percy stole their dog, the avengers decided to address the elephant in the room.

"So" Clint said, pacing the room, "today's impossible thing. Dead teenager decided that death was overrated and then stole our dog."

"Yup" Tony said, Eating pre-peeled grapes.

"Said teen jumped off a multi storey building and escaped without a scratch."

Steve put his head in his hands. "You got that right" he mumbled.
"And now," Clint said sitting down "we ask the very important question of what now?"

"That" Thor said " is a good question"

Natasha stood up "I suggest we start from where he is most likely to be"

Peter looked up, "where would that be?"

"Well where is the first and last place we saw him, apart from here of course."
Bruce's eyes lit up with realisation.

"Somewhere he works"
Steve caught onto where they were talking about.

"A place where something very special to him lives"
Thor, not getting where they we talking about spoke up.
"So where is that?"

Clint looked at him.

"Sea world"

****timeeee skip****

Percy was having a lunch break with Annabeth.

Well, not exactly a lunch break, more of a small-date-between-workshifts break. They were having a great time eating blue pasta that Sally had made and recounting all the things that had happened in the week.

"Oh yeah I ran into those super heroes agai-ewwwwww"
Annabeth accidentally spit her soda onto Percy.

"Sorry but why did you not think this was not important?" she said wiping her mouth.
Percy shrugged.
"I mean we could easily take them if we wanted to"
Annabeth laughed and lightly slapped him on the arm.
"We probably could, but still" she leaned forward " if they found out about the demigods, it could spell disaster. Plus, I think they're smarter than they look"

At that moment fangirl screeching split the air.

Omg the avengers
Soooo cool
Wow them muscles tho

Annabeth and Percy gave each other a look. That's all they needed to figure out a plan. Annabeth pushed him into the nearest bathroom and put her invisibility cap on him. Unfortunately the bathroom was the girls one. Annabeth started casually walking towards the exit, making sure her head was held low.

Just as she was about to walk out the door, she accidentally caught the eye of Natasha. Natasha made a small sign to the team that something suspicious was going on. A sign that Annabeth caught.


Annabeth knew not to pick up her pace. That would seem too suspicious. Instead she went out onto the street and made her way to an ally she knew was easy to escape. She made the mistake of looking back and making eye contact with Clint and Natasha who were splitting up from the main group.

"Hey, you"
Now there was no point in hiding she was trying to escape them. She started sprinting. She dodged and weaved through the crowds,taking any short cut that she had memorised from the countless monster attacks. That's when she ran into a dead end.

"Wait a second I thought the author said she wasn't going to do cliches"

"Annabeth hush. Do you know how much it costs to fix the forth wall"

"Oops sorry"

***time skip to when we fix the forth wall***

Clint and Natasha turned into the alley. Annabeth started formulating an escape plan, but nothing came into her head. She would have to stall for time. She opened her mouth to speak but the other two beat her to it.

"So are we doing this the hard way or the easy way."

Welp. Annabeth thought. Gonna have to improvise a plan.

She effortlessly got into a battle stance and confidently raised her fists.

"I guess it's the hard way"


Hey....guess who was sick today.......ya I feel like shist. I'm good tho.

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