Fluffy hast been stolen!

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No ones PoV (because they're all too busy panicking)

The tower had been thrown into a state of panic. All because of one dog. Well granted it was a giant black dog but still.

These are earths mightiest heroes. Come on.

So far they were planning strategy in a camp built out of sofas. Very creative.

"Ok, we need to take down this....thing." Natasha said. "I say one of us go in to check it out while it's sleeping."

Clint raised his hand to ask a question.

"Ahhh thanks for volunteering Clint"

"Wha- no-"
One look from Natasha shut him up.

Clint sighed and started inching his way towards to giant doggo. When he got within touching range, its eyes suddenly twitched open revealing blood red eyes. Clint shakily took a step back. The dog rose up onto its hind legs, looming over Clint. It then fixated its eyes on him.

"Nice doggo?"

The dog made a lunge for him. He saw his life flash before his eyes and prepared himself to be mauled when suddenly he felt.... slime?

"Ah- ewwww uggggghhh" A thicc layer of dog saliva now covered Clint head to toe. this stuff is never gonna wash out.

"Ewww. Guys I think it's friendly. A little too friendly" he added the last bit under his breath.
"Bork bork" the bark was so loud it made the walls shake.

Steve came out from the camp of sofas and hesitantly approached the dog. Soon the whole team was petting the doggo who was clearly enjoying it.

"Mr stark can we keep him?" Peter said hopefully.

"Sure why not....I mean I don't think giant red eyed dogs belong to anyone."
" what should we name her?" Steve asked.
Peter immediately answered with " Fluffy"

They all gave him a look.

"What? It's a perfectly normal name"

Suddenly 'fluffy' gave a low whine, the unmistakable sound of a dog needing to do some 'business'.

"I don't know about you but I would rather not have to clean up giant dog poop" Tony said.

They left for the park pretty quickly.

**** time skip***

They had been at the park for several hours, which was now mostly empty due to the presence of a giant dog. She was also very possessive of all the dog toys
They were just about to head in when they heard someone shouting.


A teenager jogged into view. The teenager. Like, the dead teenager.

'Fluffy' (who had been destroying a bed of flowers) suddenly perked up. She bounded over to Percy and covered him lots of doggo kisses before he swung himself onto the back of 'fluffy'.

He then Whispered something into her ear and she bounded straight towards a shadowy wall. Before he reached the wall, the boy looked back and made eye contact with the surprised team.

"Oh shi-" he disappeared into wall before he could finish his sentence.

There was silence before Thor spoke up.

"Did he just steal fluffy?"

Heyyyyy guess who's not dead.......ME
Also sorry for the short chapter.

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