We goin shopping

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"What the heck just happened?" Tony said as the avengers walked back into the avengers tower living room. They all took a seat in their various places.
Apart from Steve, who was pacing with an annoyed look on his face.
"I think we spent 1 hour chasing a floating plate of blue spaghetti that turned out to be the guy we've been chasing for like, a week." Peter answered.
Steve sat down heavily on the super comfortable chair and sighed. He really did not feel like dealing with this right now.

"You know what, I'm going to take a break from all this" Steve said.
"Agreed" Tony said "Hey Peter, want to come to the lab with me?"
Peter literally jumped out his seat "YES"
"Alright let's go"
They both disappeared out the door towards the lab, no doubt to do some questionable things.

Steve stood up again "who wants to go to the supermarket with me?"
  Nobody put their hands up.
And  Clint and Natasha had already disappeared.
Steve sighed.

A loud boom echoed across the tower from Tony's lab.

Steve didn't even flinch. Stuff exploding in Tony's part of the building was nothing strange.
A few seconds later the door to the living room swung open and an ash covered Tony pushed out a practically spotless Peter.
Tony looked at Steve and pointed a finger at him.
"He's yours for the rest of the day"
He then turned on his heels and marched out.

Steve turned to Peter with a sceptical look on his face.
"What did you do?"
Peter shuffled around nervously before answering.
"I may or may not have been standing in the lab with Mr Stark when I noticed an empty coke can and I may or may not have then throw it across the room yelling YEET and that may or may not have hit a highly explosive piece of equipment that well...exploded... so I guess I'm going to the supermarket with you?"

Steve rolled his eyes and nodded before addressing what was left of the team.
Which was no one.
Steve called out any way.
"Does anyone else want to go to the supermarket"

Suddenly Clint ran into the room looking like he was being hunted by a pack of wolves.
"ILL GO.... I'll go but, we need to go now"
Steve looked confused. "Why?"
"Well," Clint said lowering his voice "I put pink hair dye in Natasha's shampoo and I think she's going to  kill me slowly and painfully" he flinched when he saw a flash of pink in a dark corner of the room.

Steve nodded in agreement and they left very quickly.

***le skip de le time***

When they arrived the supermarket, Peter and Clint made a beeline for what they called "real food"
"Oh come on Doritos are not real food guys" Steve said sternly.
Peter gasped loudly and put a hand to his chest.
"How dare you not class Doritos as real food"
Clint nodded solemnly.
"Okay fine...but just this once"

It wasn't just once.

Soon they had a cart full of food that would give you obesity by just looking at it. Peter was just about to sneak another packet of Reeses pieces, when he noticed something.

"Hey guys.......I think I found the guy again"

****sort of but not really point of view change****also time travelling back to like 20 minutes ago***

Yes. Percy was going shopping
Yes. He was shopping with one of his OTP's (solangelo of course)
And yes, all the food was blue.

He was also finding it very funny to listen to Will and Nico argue like an old married couple.
Very funny.
So far they had already argued wether ketchup was a jam since a tomato is a fruit, eating something that's actually healthy and putting ketchup on top or on the side of the fries ( a topic Nico claimed to be a specialist on)

Now a new argument had arisen.

"Nico you are not going to McDonald's to eat dinner again"
Nico scowled " I've only been there 5 times this week"
There was silence when Will caught sight of a McDonald's receipt hanging out Nico's pocket. He felt a smile tug at his face.
Will spoke.
"You've already bought 3 happy meals already haven't you?"
Nico blushed before walking away, muttering something about buying pomegranates.

Percy started quietly dying of laughter as Will went to go scan the shelves for food.
Percy continued putting stuff in the basket, when he noticed someone.

He accidentally made eye contact with the Peter. Peter narrowed his eyes and when his brain finally made the connection his eyes widened.

"Shist" Percy muttered "I probably should have listened to Annabeth when she put me on house arrest"

"Hey guys.......I think I found the guy again" Peter said.

Eyyyyy surprise chapter
Also I survived my charity run (barely)

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