A news flash with Jeremy the fish.....no im not crazy.

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Percy PoV

Things were going great.
No, I'm not being sarcastic, it's the honest truth. I swear on my blue cookies.
The Greeks and Romans made peace,
I haven't blown up my college......yet
And finally, the best thing of all.
We found a way to entertain ourselves without using Netflix and having monsters kill you because you wanted to watch Steven universe. (That was ONE time Annabeth).

It all really started when these "heroes" started showing up. Apparently aliens AND evil robots tried to take over the world. Obviously none of us noticed because we were trying to save the world from....the world?

It still confuses me sometimes.

Anyway, the Hephaestus cabin had made a competition to see who could shout out the most flaws about Ironmans suit to Ironman himself. So now whenever Ironman flies around he will sometimes randomly hear a kid shout about how he should adjust  the framework for his suit or something mechanical like that. Of course Leo was the one who started it.

Honestly? I feel bad for the guy.

The Athena cabin had made the ultimate challenge to who could go to the streets of New York and see spider man without A. Screaming or B. Punching him.
So far spider man has been screamed at three times, punched twenty four times and once kicked in the place "where the sun don't shine". No one has beat the challenge. I honestly think they never will.

Then there was the Apollo cabin........

They were obsessed with Hawkeye. There is no other way to describe it than to say they made a shrine for him.
They even managed to get one of his bows, arrows and his toothbrush? Every time I ask how they managed to get the stuff, they just wave their hand and mutter something about Budapest.

I don't really mind these heroes, as long as they stay away from Jeremy.

Who's Jeremy I hear you ask?

He's a fish. And he says hi.

I swear I'm not crazy.

Basically after the giant war we all decided to go to go college, I just work part time at sea world . There I met Jeremy the puffer fish.

Annabeth decided to do architecture while I'm doing marine biology.
Leo's doing mechanics so he can open Leo and Calypso's Garage, with calypso of course.
Jason has his hands full with pontifex maximus while Piper surprisingly decided to follow her fathers footsteps and become an actress. Nico is doing jobs for his father while hazel helps Frank with his praetor duties.

So all in all, the demigods are doing great.

We all know that was going to end.

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