side story: How percy found da wae

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So, dear readers.

It is at this point in this story you are thinking one thing.

How does Percy know so many memes when he can't go on the internet?
That is the question this chapter will answer.

You see it all started a week after the war...


Percy was walking down the streets of New York with high hopes of not running into anything. They were very high hopes. The reason for his happy and unusually optimistic mood was that Leo thought he had finally cracked the biggest problem ever documented in demigod history.

Monster proof phones.

He had locked himself in his lab for exactly 7 days and when he came out, he was grinning wildly. He triumphantly dropped the phone on the table and the only thing he said was "Bam" before promptly passing out from lack of sleep. Calypso banned him from the forge for a week.

So now Percy was happily skipping through the streets of New York, listening to his new album with his new phone. He was starting to get weird looks from people. He was just about to start singing out the lyrics to his favourite song, when he heard a low growl.

By low growl he meant several growls from multiple hellhounds.

He sighed and turned around to face the monsters.


Percy was not in the mood to fight this many monsters. He had just gotten to the good bit in his song and this was definitely not how he wanted to end the day. So he took a few steps back before deciding what he was going to do.

He ran.

He dodged and weaved through the crowds, which got him many more strange looks than when he was dancing on the street. He swore he even heard a lady turn to her friends and whisper "why is that boy running from a pack of poodles".

Percy cursed the mist before he spotted a tree in the distance. He used all the skills he had gotten from the multiple times he climbed the lava wall and made it to the top. He sat down on the thick branches of the tree and gave a sigh of relief. He looked down and saw the hellhounds prowling around the tree. They looked extremely annoyed.

Percy didn't really feel like dealing with right now so he popped his earphones back in and decided to google what he heard a lot of other kids talk about.

(He pronounced it wrong of course)

*insert spongebob voice thing) 7 hours later...

Percy became a meme lord in 7 hours exactly.
It is a mystery to all how he managed to explore every inch of the internet in 7 hours, but he did it.

He had just finished his conquest of the internet, when he realised there was a loud noise beneath him. When he looked down he noticed a small army of monsters who were screaming bloody murder and trying to climb the tree. It was a miracle none of them could fly.

This was definitely Leo's fault for not checking if the phone was monster proof. Percy cursed himself for not checking if the monster proof ness of the phone worked.

So he sighed before glaring at the monsters below him.

"Try me bish"


Needless to say, Annabeth was confused when Percy came back after 7 hours, covered in monster dust. When she said covered, she meant he looked like a golden snowman.

The only thing he did was look at Leo, point his finger accusingly and say one phrase of the many phrases he would come to quote many times.

"I can't believe you've done this" he then dropped the phone on the table and stormed into the Poseidon cabin.
Leo just picked up the phone before sadly trudging back into the forge.

After that day, Percy would usually say a random phrase, laugh to himself, then look sad because nobody got his joke.

Nobody knew why, and nobody questioned it.

Sorry for such a short chapter. I'm not going to be able to update for at least 3 weeks due to my exams, play rehearsals and numerous other things.

It's a little hard to keep up with it.

Not to mention my limit of 1 hour of phone time a day. Which, for some reason, doesn't include Wednesday.

Sorry for my hiatus. I'll post an extra long one in 3 weeks..

Love you guys
Wish me luck for exams.
See you in three weeks. Bye


Ps. Started reading a manga called my hero academia. It's super good.

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