Side story: Reunion in the rectangle store

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A/n:hey guys this is a small side story. We'll get back to the main plot in the next chapter
Ps. This happens like a day after the last chapter.

"Leo?" Hazel asked uncertainly "are you sure it's a good idea to be in an phone shop with us being...ya know ...demigods?" Leo had burst into their room earlier that day and had practically dragged them to a phone shop. Compared to the phones Hazel had when she was younger, this looked more like a rectangle store.

"Nahhh don't worry it will be fine....besides, you've got death breath here to protect you." Leo said gesturing to Nico who gave him a look of pure hatred. Nico now had grudge on Leo for waking him up at 7 o'clock in the morning to do this.

"Yes but Leo not only do you have one of the big threes children, which is bad enough in itself, you have two children of the big three here and that attracts twice the amount of monsters." Nico said crossing his arms.

The only reason they came with Leo at all was to make sure he didn't set anything on fire.

Easier said than done.

The problem was he got super excited when he saw modern technology. Which was something Nico and Hazel had no knowledge whatsoever.

"Why are we even here?" Hazel said, jumping back when she picked up a phone and it lit up. Definitely not the type of phone she was used to.

"Well" Leo said "I, Leo awsome-mcshizzle-Valdez shall be the first demigod to do something unimaginable" He said ominously.

"What" Nico said.

"I will build the first monster proof phone ever by studying apple phones" he said, dramatically waving his hands around.

Nico and Hazel looked at him blankly.

"Why are we in a rectangle store then." Hazel said.

Leo face palmed. Great, just great.

"Why did I pick the only two people who don't know what phones are to come with me?"

Meanwhile, in the other part of the store.

"Remind me why we're here, Stark" Bucky said inspecting a phone. Bucky had just come back from Wakanda and as soon as he arrived he was told the tales of the mysterious Percy Jackson who, in Peter's words, was a "meme lord".
Bucky has zero clue what that was, but here he was with Steve and Tony in a phone shop. The reason he was there is still a mystery to him.

"Well, Clint said it was impossible to hack google and I said I totally could so we set up a bet that i would get 20 dollars if I could hack google through an apple phone." Tony said, already picking up a phone.

"You're a billionaire, why do you need 20 dollars" Steve said, thoroughly confused.

"Ya ya whatever.... go explore or whatever" Tony said. He wasn't really paying attention.

"If you're hacking google through a phone....why are you in a rectangle shop?" Bucky said while gingerly picking up a phone.

Tony gave him a look of complete and utter confusion before realising.
"Ohhhh right ....I forgot you guys were old"


"Nico...what is this magic...thing" Hazel said in wonder as she turned a phone on and off. When she didn't get an answer she looked up and noticed that Nico was nowhere to be seen. Neither was Leo but he disappeared earlier.

"Nico?" Hazel said, getting a little bit panicked. She frantically ran around the shop before bumping into something very solid.

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