A party worthy of Dionysus

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5 days.

Percy had been grounded for 5 freaking days.

Annabeth had completely fliped out when Nico stumbled out of the shadows with Percy after Will and the Apollo campers had arrived. Of course she did have a reason to be mad.

She did specifically say not to leave the house till the superhero's had stopped looking for him.

But then he ran out of blue food dye.

So he dragged Nico into shadow travelling him to the store and of course Will insisted to come with him.

Over protective much?

And the rest is history.

Right now he was seeing how many cookies he could fit into his mouth. His record was 13.

Unfortunately they weren't blue due to the distinct lack of blue food dye that Annabeth had gone out to buy.

Just when he fit 14 cookies in his mouth, Annabeth came in with a shopping bag and two slips of paper. She put down her shopping and tossed Percy one of the slips of paper.

"Looks like we've been invited to a party by Rachel"

***time skip***

30 minutes and a whole lot of arguing later, Percy and Annabeth were at avengers tower for a party. Now you're wondering, why are you guys in the avengers tower?

Well, Rachel's dad is a very wealthy man so he got invited by Tony Stark to come to one of his parties. Rachel's dad invited Rachel and Rachel invited Annabeth who invited Percy who invited Jason who invited Piper who invited Calypso who invited Leo who invited Hazel who invited Frank who invited Reyna who invited Nico who invited Will who finally invited Thalia. They all got to come Despite Rachel being told to only bring one other person.

Honestly, she just didn't want to be stuck in a room with snobby business men.

So she got everyone to invite everyone they knew.

That's how Percy and Annabeth ended up at the Avengers tower, despite it being the absolute worst place to be, given Percy's situation.

Soon more and more people arrived and a small group of demigods and oracle had accumulated at the back of the room.

Percy and Annabeth had surprisingly arrived early and immediately made their way to Rachel at the back of the party. Percy then ordered an orange juice at the bar and had slipped in some blue food colouring which was then swiftly confiscated by Annabeth.

Leo had come in with Calypso, Jason and Piper who immediately made their way to Rachel, where they found Percy and Annabeth trying to confuse as many people as they could by slipping blue food colouring into their drinks without them knowing. Annabeth was only convinced to do it by Percy's puppy dog eyes.

Frank, Hazel, Reyna and Thalia made quite a scene when they entered because some idiot decided to flirt with Thalia and he ended up leaving early due to broken nose (courtesy of Thalia) and a few death threats (Reyna of course).

Nico and Will silently shadow traveled into the building, scaring Percy so much that he jumped and spilled blue orange juice onto a random guy.

So now they were all sharing funny stories and laughing as Percy tried to clean up the mess he made on the random guy, but he only made it worse.

"Percy, just stop man" Jason laughed as Percy furiously scrubbed at someone's now blue tie.
"I need to make it better, Jason"

Little by little the snobby business men tricked out and soon it was just the demigods (+oracle) and the avengers.

They were having a great time.

Until Percy made eye contact with Bruce.

Bruce made a 'look over there sign' to his team and soon the group spotted him.

Soon they got up and started menacingly walking to Percy with determination.

"Guys.....I think we're in trouble" Percy said, trying not to raise suspicion.
Thalia snorted "when are you not in trouble"
Piper nodded "tru that"
Will joined in "The amount of times I've had to patch you up in the infirmary is incredible"
Leo looked up "did he beat my record"
Will thought before answering " yeah actually, he's been there 312 times"
Leo grinned "now I know what to beat"
"Leo no" Calypso said.

"Alright Percy, whatever you do, don't do something stupid while I think of a plan" Annabeth said as the approaching avengers got closer.

He did something stupid.

As soon as one of the avengers (Clint) got in range he grabbed a cucumber sandwich from the snack plate and he threw it at his face.

The sandwich stuck to his face and slowly slid down before dropping off, hitting the floor with a splat.

Everyone turned to look at each other. It was too late. It was going to happen.

Of course Leo started it.


Nobody was safe.
Food was flying everywhere and the avengers (in wanting to survive the food fight) forgot about Percy's existence at the party And started yeeting as many guacamole dips as possible. At one point Leo managed to make a mini food canon and started shooting everyone with it before Calypso confiscated it by throwing a slice of ham at him and taking the canon while he was distracted.

It was everybody against everybody.

Well it was. Until Calypso, Annabeth,Thalia and Piper teamed up.

They didn't stand a chance.

Soon they had put a plate full of snacks on a ceiling fan.

Annabeth smirked "yall ready for this"
Thalia grinned evilly "I was born ready"
Piper looked at them "I say we go out after this"
Calypso spoke up "I heard there was a new cafe in town. You guys down for it?"
They looked at each other "Let's go"

They turned on the fan.

No one was safe.

Food flew everywhere and hit everybody, it was like a destructive rainbow of deliciousness.
Everyone was covered in a thick layer of salsa, guacamole and sandwiches.

Soon everyone was down on the ground.

The only ones relatively clean were Clint (Will became a human shield for him since he's a son of Apollo) and Reyna and Natasha (because they're badasses)

When the group of girls had left to go check out the cafe, Reyna and Natasha took a seat at the bar. Being very careful not to step on any of the food covered bodies that lay passed out on the floor.

Reyna rolled her eyes "idiots"
Natasha took a sip of her drink "agreed"

They sat in a comfortable silence for a bit.

Natasha put down her drink. "I heard there's a new cafe in town, wanna go?"
Reyna downed the rest of her drink and stood up. "Lets go"

That was the start of a beautiful friendship.


Hey I'm in Athens

I'm legit waiting for a monster to come and murder my face off, especially because of how much Time I spend on My Phone. Like, how am I alive?

Hope yo enjoyed the chapter.

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