Attempted kidnapping #1

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Percy PoV

Probably The worlds best beverage that's not blue plus it's the only thing that I'm running on.
I'm not even joking here. I did two extra tours at sea world and studied  waaay into the night. I know right, Me, studying. What has the world come to. I sighed and checked the watch my brother gave to me.

Then I remembered I had to do a tour around about now.

So with that thought I inhaled the rest of my donut and quickly drank my coffee. I rushed past rows on rows of tanks filled with sharks and fish of any kind. They were all of course shouting things like,
Lord how are you doing?
Lord they are feeding us the nasty stuff again.
Lord I got stuck again.
Its enough to make a man go crazy.

When I arrived at the (A/N lol I don't know how sea world works so just go with it) reception I saw two men who, I assumed, I was going to tour around the place. Great, one guy looked arrogant and annoying. I guess the other guy was ok, he looked very uncomfortable though.

Yeah after a while you tend to find out what type of customer they are.

As I walked nearer the, the receptionist noticed me.
"Percy! Perfect can you tour these two"
The guy with the goatee studied me before looking back at the receptionist.
"You're sure this is the best tour guide you've got" he said sceptically.
"Yeah, Percy really has a way with the fish here" she then turned to me " Alright Percy, just give them a basic tour. You know the way
"Sure thing Pam" I said giving finger guns.
"Alright come this way to see the whales."

***time skeeepp***

I expected many things on this tour.

I did not however expect to have to tackle one of the men because they tried to steal a puffer fish.

They introduced themselves as Tony (goatee guy) and Bruce and tour started out normal, though the one with a goatee and sunglasses didn't really seem interested in the any of the fish. He kept on trying to skip to the exotic fish section which Sarah the dolphin was NOT happy about.

Tony only started paying attention when we got to the puffer fish section.

"Alright coming up we have Jeremy the puffer fish"
Tony perked up a bit while Bruce looked like he literally wanted to disappear off the face of the earth.
Tony looked up
"Can give me and Bruce a second please"
Yeah, sure"

They then had a very long argument in hushed tones. I didn't really pay attention, I was having a conversation with Nemo. When they finally stopped Bruce walked up to me.
"Um Percy ?" Bruce asked "can you tell me about the puffer fish?"
"Sure" I didn't notice that Tony went to 'take a closer look'.
I was just telling Bruce about the powerful poison the puffer fish had, when I heard an almighty splash and Jeremy's voice.
"Lord the humans are kidnapping me"
I turned round to see Tony, holding Jeremy, In the tank.
He winced
"Umm would you believe me if I said I wanted to take a closer look?"
Tony then leap out the tank and sprinted past Bruce.
Oh no he doesn't.
So I decided to tackle him.

Long story short, he was banned from sea world while Bruce got free tickets to the orca show because of his excessive apologies.

But being my luck I did see him again.

How did I do?
Tell me what to improve on

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