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Steve watched awkwardly from the other side of the small ice bubble. It was bad enough he was stuck under a ton of rubble, now he had a random kid screaming at the ceiling. This was definitely not a situation anyone one wanted to be in.

Percy finally calmed down before sitting angrily on the floor. He looked up and made eye contact with Steve.There was a very long awkward silence before Percy cleared his throat.

"So uh.....how's your day been?" Percy cringed at the irony of his sentence. "Right....probably not the best day..."
Percy leaned back and started fiddling with riptide before noticing the ice. Wait a second....ice?

He turned around and put his hands against it. Percy stared at it for so long  that Steve  began to think  he had never seen ice before.

"Oh yeah....I forgot I could do that....no wonder why I was passed out for so long." Steve stared at him in confusion.

"How do even forget that you have ice powers" Percy laughed and awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck.

"When you have my lifestyle, you sort of forget the minor details" Percy said and sat leaning against the ice.
"I'm not sure that's something I'd class as a minor detail." Steve said skeptically.

There was a loud creak from the ice and they both winced "How long do think we have before this bubble collapses"

Percy inspected  the ice before coming to a conclusion. "I'd say about 4 hours"

The ice made a cracking sound.

"3 hours".

Steve looked at Percy curiously." Are you not the least bit worried we're going to die in 3 hours?"
"Well" Percy started "This is most definitely not the worst situation I've been I-"
Steve quickly interrupted him "what do mean not the worst situation I've been in, you're practically a child, what situations have you been in that are worse than this?"

Percy huffed "first off I'm not a child and second it's rude to interrupt people. Anyway, as I was saying, as well as this being an average situation,  it's not worrying because" Percy paused "I guess, death isn't too scary when you know what happens after it"

"So like heaven and hell." Steve said. Percy shrugged.
"If that's what's you believe" there was another silence before Steve spoke again.

"So....I'm just wondering, since you seem to be close to Nico, how in the world is Nico still alive?"

"Oh, well ya see..." he trailed off and silently debated whether or not he should tell the truth.

"Just say the truth." Steve said "it's just...unexpected to see him when I assumed he had, you know" He made a gesture with his hand.

Percy nodded. "Fine, but I'm probably going to regret this. Annabeth is totally going to kill me" Percy brought out riptide and twirled it around his fingers.

"I guess the best way to describe it is that...he got put in a magical casino that made him age more slowly"
Steve gave Percy a mildly annoyed look.
"I thought you said you weren't going to lie"
"Hey I did tell you the truth, it's just a different matter if it's believable or not."

There was another silence.

"And how" Steve started "did Nico manage to get in said "magical casino"?" You could hear the air quotes in the word "magical casino".

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