Chapter 3

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I was getting dressed for tonight's event. I asked Kendall and she said I didn't have to go very fancy. When she came I sat on the passenger seat and saw that behind were already Cara, Gigi and Zayn.

"Hey guys," I said.
They all said hello at once.

"So where are we going?" I asked Kendall.
"It's a fashion show. Gigi and I have to parade, but you can stay with Zayn and Cara. "

We didn't take long and when we arrived we walked through the back door to access the backstage directly.

There I saw many models preparing for the show. Kendall and Gigi said goodbye and the three of us went to sit in chairs that were in the front row.
"Will it take long?" I asked after waiting for a while.
"You've never come to one of these right?" asked Zayn smiling.
I shook my head.
"They still have to get ready and wait for this to fill up. We've come too soon. "

After a long wait the room was full of people and the music started play.
Kendall went in first and behind was Gigi.
They passed several more times with stranger clothes.
When they finished we went to the backstage to congratulate them.
"You've done great!" I said when we found them.
"Thank you" said Kendall smiling.

We waited for them to put on their regular clothes and we went back into the car.
"We're going to my house. Do you wanna come? "asked Kendall.

"Sure. As long as there's no dance "I joked.
"No promises" she said.

When we got to Kendall's house, we sat on the couch and watched TV.
Right now we were discussing what to order for dinner.
"Kenny, Taylor wants to come. Is that ok? "asked Gigi, who was with the phone in her hand.

"Taylor? Which Taylor?"

"Taylor Hill." That Taylor was a model too, I think.
"Yes, of course."

We finally ordered pizza and within a few minutes they knocked on the door.
Taylor Hill entered the room.
"What's up?" she asked sitting down beside me "You are Josh right? The boxer Cara told us about"

"Yeah, I suppose I am." Yeap, this girl was a model. I think she was one of those VS models together with Kendall and Gigi.

"So, what have you done today guys?"

"Nothing much. We just went to one of those model shows, "I said.
"Was it the first time you went to one?"
"Yes, we had to wait almost an hour."
Taylor and I kept talking until the pizza came.
When I saw the pizza I was in shock.
"Who ordered it with pineapple?" I asked horrified.
"Meeeee" said Cara very happy.
"Why would you do that?"
"What are you talking about? The pineapple Pizza is the best "she told me punching me in the arm.

"Why do you have to be so violent?" I asked, pretending I was hurt.
"Come on, weren't you the fighter?"
"Cara, stop hitting him," said Taylor laughing and trying to get Cara to stop punching me.

When I finally got away from Cara I sat back on the couch with a slice of pizza in my hand.

When we finished the eating Zayn proposed to see a movie.
Kendall played Paper Towns because Cara insisted that we watched her movie.

Beside me was Cara and on the other side was seated Taylor. After half an hour of film, Taylor leaned on me and rested her head on my shoulder.

At first I was a little surprised but then I relaxed.
I was very comfortable curled up with her on the couch.

Hours later I was putting on my jacket, ready to go home. They were all going to sleep at Kendall's, but I had to leave because the next day I had to go back to training.

"Goodbye Josh. I hope we'll see you again soon, "Gigi told me.
"I don't think so. I have to go back to training. My coach forced me to rest for a few days, but now that the holidays are over, it's time to get back to work."

"Well, good luck training," Taylor told me as she hugged me "call me" she whispered.


"1, 2" said Don "1, 2" he repeated "well done. It's over for today, kid. "
It had been several days since I went back to training. During this days the number of followers I had on Instagram grew considerably. At the beginning of the week I had 70k, now I have almost 150k. After some investigation I discovered that Kendall posted a photo of the people that were having dinner the other day at her house and I was there so she tagged me.

I went into the locker room and took a shower. When I went out it was night and the streets were empty.
I walked to my apartment and there at last I could rest. I looked at my phone and I saw that some people texted me. I laid on my bed while scrolling through all those messages. One of those texts was from Cara.

-"Hey, we managed to buy some tickets for your next fight so don't screw it"

Perfect, more pressure for me. Not only I will have to fight in front of 20,000 people but now in front of my new friends too. My only friends probably and I have only hanged out with them twice.

Truth is, I've never been the talkative one. More like the shy dude who stands in the corner of the room while everybody else is partying. Probably that is one of the reasons I started boxing. I didn't need to talk to anyone, to communicate with anyone. In the ring I can control everything. The pace of the fight, the distance, the power of each blow... but out there I am defenseless. People is always surprised when they discover that I'm not just another stupid boxer that do stupid things to get more attention. I'm just a normal guy.

While thinking about this last week a pair of blue eyes came up to my mind. I wanted to call her but the last time I asked out someone I was still in high school and it didn't end very well.

I kept staring at my phone for several minutes. Trying to be brave enough to call her.

Finally I grabbed my phone and called Taylor. It was late and I hoped she was awake.
-Hi Taylor, it's Josh.

I could say that my voice was shaking a little. That's how nervous I was. I felt like a teenager.
-Hi Josh. How is it going?
-I'm good. Would you... Would you like to go out with me tomorrow?

I stuttered. There was a silence and then finally she spoke.
-Sure. Can you pick me up at seven? I will send you my adress.
-Ok. See you tomorrow.

Wow. That was easier than expected. Ok so where should I take her to? A restaurant maybe. But which one? I can't afford one of those amazing restaurants in which every single thing costs 50 dollars. No, something cheaper. I couldn't take her to a McDonald's either. What about the cinema? Yeah, that would be a good idea. A quiet place in which I can't mess anything up by talking. A movie it is then.

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