Chapter 2

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"Mom, Dad. I'm here" I said as I walked through the door of my parents' house.

I grew up in this house. When I was 19 I moved to LA to train at Don's gym, my coach.

"Josh honey. I'm so glad to see you" my mother said as she gave me a hug.
"How are you, son? You took some good punches last night" my father told me worried.
"I'm fine dad, don't worry. My arms and hands hurt a little, but nothing that time can't cure" I said reassuring him.

While we were eating I told them about this morning's session and that I had been invited to a party this week.

"I'm glad you're finally making friends" my mother said with a smile "In LA you're always training and you don't talk to anyone but Don or Mike."
"Mom, I'm not in high school anymore. You don't have to worry about these things."

The next morning I got a message when I was coming back from running. I looked at the cell phone and it was an unknown number.
-Hi, I'm Cara. This is the address for tomorrow's party.
-Thanks Cara
-By the way, you have to pick me up
-Because you're a gentleman and because I want to


-Pick me up at seven.

I left my phone and made myself breakfast. I spent the rest of the day in the gym.

"Josh, you must rest," Don told me when I had already been hitting the sack for 30 minutes "You fought two days ago. And you won. Take a couple of days off."
"But Don, the title fight is in two months. I can't rest."
"If you overexert yourself, you'll get hurt. Let your body recover from the fight. Come back here on Monday. This discussion is over" and after that Don turned around and went to help another guy.

I sighed as I sat in the locker room. It's true I was a little tired. But I couldn't afford to rest. Being the champion was my dream, I couldn't let it slip away.

The next day passed very slowly. Since I couldn't go to train, I didn't know what to do while I waited for the time to go pick up Cara.

At six o'clock I began to prepare. I put on some gray jeans and a white t-shirt. I put on my Yeezy and tried to comb my hair a little.
As there was traffic, I left my apartment a little earlier.
I was right. When I arrived at Cara's house it was seven o'clock but I couldn't see her anywhere so I sent her a message.

-Where are you?
-Down in a minute

I immediately saw Cara leave the building and head for my car.
"Just in time," she said as she sat in the seat on my side.
"There won't be many people, will there?" I asked, starting the car.
"Don't worry, buddy. Are you nervous about a party but not about getting in a ring and hitting someone else?" she told me punching me in the arm.
"In the ring I control what happens. Parties have never been my thing."
"Don't worry about it. There won't be many of us. It's at a friend's house so only close friends go"she said, looking at her cell phone.
"And they don't care if I go?"

"Nah. Some even want to meet you."
"Who wants to meet me?" I asked in surprise.
"Mmm Zayn, Gigi and I think Justin too" she said without giving it much importance.

I never thought people like that would want to meet me. A year ago I was nobody and now I was going to a party with Cara freaking Delevingne because singers and models wanted to meet me. Who would have guessed.

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