Chapter 16

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I didn't know what time it was. After leaving the club I was too furious to talk to anyone. So I ignored my phone every time it received a text or a call. After walking for like an hour, I decided to turn it off as it kept buzzing non stop.

All I knew is that it was really late. Finally I arrived to my house. I entered the house and without turning the lights on I walked towards the garden. I slumped on one of the deck chairs that were around the pool and stared up to the sky.

Rafael was part of my past. I hoped that I would never see him again. But of course I was wrong. Now I would have to tell everyone about him. Only Kendall knew about my past.

I felt my stomach growling so I stood up and walked to the kitchen.

Just as I entered the living room I felt someone tackling me into a hug.

"Where the fuck have you been?" Kendall yelled as she hugged me strongly, not letting me go.

"I just.. went for a walk." I said emotionless. Finally she released me from her grip, but kept her hands on my shoulders.

"Josh, what happened? Gigi told me about that guy. Who is he?" She asked concerned.

That was one of the things I liked more about Kendall. She could be angry with me, but if I had any problem or needed help for anything she'd still be there for me.

"It doesn't matter." I said, trying to make my way to the kitchen.

Kendall stood there stubbornly, not letting me go to the kitchen. So I just turned around and slumped on the sofa. Kendall didn't like that and to prevent me from running away from her again she straddled me.

"What's wrong?" She asked in a kind tone, while she placed her hands on my face, caressing my cheeks.

I just smiled to her while she laid down and rested her forehead on mine.

"He used to be my best friend years ago. Before.. my brother.. you know, died." I said slowly.

"And what does he wants?"

"He said he's a pro boxer now. It looks like we're in the same division. So sooner or later I will have to fight him."

"But why did he make such a scene back in the club?"

"Don't know. I guess he wants to provoke me. Take revenge on me for leaving years ago."

We spent several minutes in the same position, with her forehead resting on mine and our eyes close, when I remembered I hadn't apologized to her yet.

"I'm sorry.. for being rude to yo-"

"Shut up. I don't really care. I was just being stupid." She said as she grabbed my hand and kissed it. "I was very worried. When I went back to our friends and I didn't see you there... Then Gigi told me about what happened. I called you and texted you hundreds of times, but you wouldn't answer."

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I just needed some time to think."

"It's okay. But listen to me. From now on, you're not alone. You're not the only one stepping into that ring to fight. I will be there for you, okay?" She said confidently. God, what did I do to get this girl?

"Okay."I said smiling. She laid down and pressed her lips on mine.

"Now let's go to bed. It's really late." I nodded and followed her upstairs.

2 weeks later

"So, that's the plan kid." Said Don. Right now I was on a meeting with some HBO promoters. Mike, my agent, was there too. They wanted to make and offer for my next three fights. The first one would be against Pietr Ploskowickz. A polish guy who was first in the ranking. The second fight, if I win against Pietr, would be the rematch against Canelo and it would be for the title. The third fight would be my first title defense, in case I win against Canelo, of course. Actually, that first fight was already decided months ago, so it will take place next week.

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