Chapter 17

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I got out of the ring as the crowd screamed my name. I looked to my left and saw Kendall, Bella and Gigi cheering.
I just fought against Pietr. I easily dominated this fight, but the guy has guys, and kept standing up every time I knocked him down. Luckily, the referee understood that if this guy kept fighting, he could get seriously hurt.
I wouldn't like to be the reason this guy has to retire, so I was relieved when, in the seventh round, the ref stopped the fight and declared me the winner.
I waved to the girls and mouthed them to go to my dressing room.
After I showered and changed into my casual clothes, I stepped out of the bathroom and Kendall tackled me into a hug.
"Congrats babe!!!" She kissed me several times in the face until Gigi could take her away from me.
"Give him some space girl. The guy literally fought for like half an hour." Gigi said while Bella and I just laughed at Kendall pouting.
"It's ok 'G'. I'm just a bit tired. But I still can put up with Ken." I said, walking towards Kendall and pecking her on the lips.
I grabbed her hand and interlaced our fingers.
"Well kid, good fight." Don hugged me "Rest for a week. Then we have to prepare the fight against Canelo."
"Alright Don." I said as I followed Kendall out.
As we got out of the stadium we were ambushed by many flashes and clicking noises. Paparazzis started doing questions about our personal lives as I just brought Kendall closer to me to protect her.
We entered the car, Kendall was driving and the Hadid sisters were at the back, both focused on their phones.
As Kendall drove through the dark streets of New York I couldn't help but to stare at her perfect features.
"Josh you're staring in a very creepy way." Teased Bella as I blushed and Kendall giggled.
"It's okay babe." Kendall said as she grabbed my hand.
"So, what are we doing now?" Gigi asked as she took a pic of Kendall and me.
"What was that for?" I asked her, turning around to look at her.
"Snapchat, duh! Can any of you answer my question?" She asked.
"We're just going to the hotel." Kendall answered.
"Oh come on! Why do you have to be so boring? Let's go party!" Gigi exclaimed.
"Josh is too tired 'G'. He needs to rest." Kendall said.
"Well, I can't go. But if you want to you can go." I told her.
I didn't want her to stay home bored because I wanted her to be with me.
"Nah, it's okay babe. I prefer to stay with you watching a movie." She assured, even though I could tell she didn't like that plan very much.
"Don't be stupid Ken. Go with Gigi and Bella. Have fun." I told her.
I could see that she thinking about what to do.
"Only a few hours. Then I will go back to the hotel." She finally said.
"Yess!" Cheered Gigi.
They dropped me off at the hotel but right before I got out of the car, Kendall grabbed my arm, stopping me.
"I will be back in a few hours ok? Try to sleep a little bit."
"Alright mum." She laughed and kissed me.

The next morning

I woke up when the sun light filled the whole room.
I stood up with difficulty. My body hurt a little bit. Even though I didn't took any big punch last night, this was a normal thing the day after a fight.
I looked at my surroundings and was surprised when I didn't see Kendall.
I walked to the bathroom, but it was empty too. 'I hope she's alright'.
I grabbed my phone to check if she texted me or something, but she didn't. I called her, but she didn't answered so I called Gigi instead.
"Yeah?" She answered with a raspy voice. Might have been a tough night.
"Hey 'G'."
"What do you want Josh? My head's going to explode so talk fast."
"Do you know where is Kendall? I woke up and she isn't here. Is she with you?"
"Kendall? Oh, yeah. The three of us went to my apartment. She was a bit tipsy, so I told her to stay. I imagine she's still sleeping." She said.
"Okay. Well I let you sleep. See you later 'G'."
"Bye Josh."

Gigi's POV

FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!! What has she done?!
I walked through my apartment, hoping I could find Kendall in one of the rooms sleeping.
I didn't find her, but I found Bella instead.
"Wake up you moron!" I said, shaking her shoulders.
"What do you want?" She asked annoyed.
"Kendall hasn't come back yet!"
"Well, she must be with that guy." She said, pressing her face on the pillow.
"Exactly, that's the problem. She went with another guy!"
"Oh, shit." Bella's eyes went wide open.
Just right in that moment, we heard someone entering the house.
Bella and I run to the living room. There we found Kendall sitting in the couch, with her hands on her face.
"Kendall! Where were you?" Bella asked her, as we sat beside her.
"I fucked it up." She muttered. " I slept with that guy last night."
"Oh, fuck." I said "What are you going to do?"
"I don't know. I was very drunk. I can't even remember most of last night. If I tell Josh about this he will leave me." She said as tears started to fall down.
"Shh. It's okay Ken. Everything's gonna be okay." I said as I hugged her.
"What have I done? He's going to leave me!"
"It's okay Ken." I repeated as I patted her back.

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