Chapter 20

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Cara's POV

I knocked on the door and waited until Hailey opened it.

"Hey Cara." She said hugging me. "Come on in. The other ones are already here."

"How is she doing?" She already knew who I was talking about.

"Nervous. As everyone else. But she doesn't even want to talk. She just stares blankly to the TV." I followed her to the living room.

Everyone greeted me. Kylie sat beside Kendall, and at her other side was Gigi. Both comforting her. Hailey was right, you could see how nervous Kendall was.

Zayn and Justing were there too. I sat with Bella and Hailey, and grabbed a piece of pizza that was on the table, next to the drinks.

"Sooo, who's ready to rumble?!?" I yelled, trying to ease the mood.

"Cara, you're unbelievable." Gigi said laughing but Kendall only showed a small smile.

"Don't worry Kenny." I said, standing up and placing a hand on her shoulder. "He'll do alright. You know how stubborn he is. He won't give up."

"Exactly. Remember how he ended up the first time he fought against this guy. This time he will fight till the end. What if he's seriously hurt?" She asked horrified at the thought of Josh wounded.

"He won't. Trust that guy." Kylie said, stroking her hair.

"I trust him with my life."

Just at that moment, the presented started to talk.

"Ladies and gentlemen! I hope we are all ready for the tale of the tape! On the blue corner, with a weight of 160 pounds, and a record of 32 victories and 1 loss. Josh... Tyler!" You could see how the crowd started cheering, as the TV showed Josh. He was in his corner, with Don next to him. Josh was staring at the floor, showing no emotion, neither fear or excitement. Zayn, Bella and Kylie cheered, but the rest of us remained quiet.

"And in the red corner. With exactly the same weight, and a record of 53 victories, 1 draw and 2 losses. The champion of the world! Saúl 'Canelo' Álvarez!" The crowd yelled his name.

"Oh fuck that guy! He's not that good." Said Kylie, making everybody to laugh.

The first round started and both of them started to exchange some blows.

Josh was more confident in this fight, that I could tell. The first time he fought against Canelo, everybody could see how nervous he was.
But today he looks much more confident.

That guy cornered Josh and started to punch him in the body. But Josh dodge a right hook to the head and escaped from that position, punching Canelo quite hard in the face while walking backwards to the center of the ring.

The bell rang, and both fighters walked to their corners.

A few more rounds passed, and both boxers kept exchanging massive blows.
In the fifth round, Canelo punched him so hard that he cut him in the eyebrow, making him bleed a lot. Right after that he knocked Josh down, but he raised immediately.

I glanced at Kendall. She had teary eyes and she was clutching to Kylie's hand.

Rounds passed, and you could see the fight was very contested. Both of them were really tired, and they moved slower every round that passed. Still, Josh was able to deliver an accurate shoot to the liver, dropping Canelo to the canvas. But, as Josh did a few rounds earlier, he raised.

"Now we're watching the last round of the best fight of the year, maybe of the decade." Said the commentator.

Both of them walked towards the centre of the ring and touched gloves.
You could see how much they respected each other.

The last round started with Canelo punching several times Josh right in the face, but Josh resisted and punched him back, forcing him to take a few steps back.

"Fuck. Josh has guts. Remind me to never mess with him again." Joked Kylie.

When there was still half of the round left. Josh cornered Canelo and started to punch him nonstop in the face.
We all looked expectantly to the screen.

"You got him. Keep going mate." I yelled unconsciously.

That guy lowered his guard, as Josh kept punching him.
Suddenly, the referee jumped between them. Waving his hands in the air and stopping the fight.

We all started screaming and jumping in joy. Kendall hugged Kylie and started to cry, relieved that everything finished.

In the TV, we watched Josh, who kneeled exhausted on the floor and started crying.

Josh hugged Canelo, showing true sportsmanship. Then, the former champion gave him the green belt, showing respect too.

Josh lifted the belt over his head and screamed. We all cheered as we saw our friend achieve his dream.
Now I just hope that he does what I told him.

"So, Josh. You're the new champion of the world after an incredible fight. So you have anything to say?" Asked him the presenter.

"Uuuhm. I don't know. I'm too tired and excited to think straight, man. I just... I want to thank to my family and friends. And to everybody who believed in me."

The presenter nodded and Josh walked out of the ring and into the tunnels.

Josh's POV

I entered the taxi, with my luggage and a suitcase with the belt inside. My belt. It felt strange to say that I am the new world champion. Never thought it would come the day. Now I only had one thing in mind.

I told the taxi driver the address and once we arrived, he helped me to get my things off the trunk.

I thanked him and watched the car going away. Then I grabbed my phone and texted Cara.

Me- "I'm outside"

Eyebrows- "I'm coming"

I walked towards the door and saw how it opened slowly. Cara got out of the house and smiled when she saw me.

"You did it!" She whispered-yelled. Making sure no one inside the house could hear us.

"Yeah, finally." I grinned.

"You ready to face her?" She teased me.

"Don't know. I just wanna see her."

"Well, come on in then. Let's see if you're ready for the real fight." She said, grabbing my luggage and walking towards the door...

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