Chapter 8

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"Let's go Josh! We're gonna be late!" Kendall shouted from downstairs.

I was in my bedroom applying some lotion on my abdomen to reduce the pain. Yeah, still hurt. Only a week passed. I just hope I don't take long to recover.

I went downstairs. Kendall was sitting on my couch and she was texting someone on her phone. After hanging out yesterday we decided to go to the airport to pick up our friends.

"Ok. Now I'm ready." I said grabbing my keys.

"About time. What took you so long? I am faster doing my make up!" she said, following me to one of my cars.

"I was on a phone call." I lied. We entered my Range Rover with seven seats. So everyone could fit inside.

The reason I lied is because I don't want Kendall to worry about me. Or anyone. The doctor gave me a lotion after the fight and told me that I had to apply it on my abdomen every time it hurt. And that was basically every day.

We arrived to the airport and had to wait for another 30 minutes 'till we could see Bella, Gigi, Zayn and Hailey walking towards us.

"Hey guys!" I said as they all greeted me. We hugged each other and then we walked to my car.

There were lots of paparazzis taking pictures of us. I really hated them. I understand that everyone has to work. But do they really need so many photos of us walking to my car? They could just take one and leave instead of being so fucking annoying.

"So Josh, what did the doctor tell you?" asked Zayn while I was driving to Kendall's house. The reason? Her house was bigger.

"I'm perfectly fine. I just need to rest some weeks."

We finally arrived to Kendall's. I opened the trunk and grabbed their bags as we were staying at Kendall's that night. They were quite heavy. At first my ribs hurt a little bit, but the pain soon vanished.

"Don't Josh. We can grab our own bags." Complained Gigi.

"It's ok." I said walking to the house.

"But the doctor said you had to rest. You shouldn't be lifting any weight." Said Hailey.

"Come on guys. Its only a few bags. Don't be so dramatic." I said as I was going upstairs to the guest rooms.

While I was going up the stairs the pain started to appear again. But this time it was much more intense. I stopped feeling my left hand. I could see how my left hand dropped the bags, which rolled downstairs.

"Josh? Is everything okay?" Kendall asked me. But I couldn't see where she was. In fact, I couldn't see anything.

As everything went black I fell down. Just there I knew I passed out.

Kendall POV

2 hours later

Right after Josh passed out we called an ambulance. We called his coach and now we were all waiting in the hospital. A nurse led us to an empty room with chairs. There we waited for two hours. I was very worried for him. I knew he was still sore from the fight, but I didn't know he was that much. That idiot, he should have told me. Finally the doctor came into the room and told us about Josh state.

"He's fine. Apparently he's being putting up with the pain since the fight. He didn't said anything because he thought that it would disappear with time. He said that they gave him a lotion to calm the pain in New York. But that lotion wasn't strong enough. We gave him some pills. He will have to take one everyday." He said as he handed the pills to Don.

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