Chapter 15

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"Let's go, Kendall! We were supposed to leave 10 minutes ago." I shouted to Kendall, who was doing her make up in her bedroom.

I was waiting for her in her living room, the problem is that I've been on instagram for an hour.

"I'm coming. Gosh, how can you be so impatient?" She said as she walked downstairs.

Today we were celebrating that Kendall, Gigi and Bella were selected to go to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Basically I knew nothing about the fashion world, but I heard about that show and how it is supposed to be like the most important fashion show of the year and about how difficult it was to be chosen as one of the models to do the catwalk. So I understand it's a big deal for the girls.

"Impatient? I've literally been waiting for like an hour." I said as I followed her to the car. Kendall called a driver for the night as she planned on drinking and having fun. Even though I don't drink and I could drive all of them, they agreed on hiring a driver.

"Whatever. Come on, we have to pick everyone before we go to the club."

"Are you angry with me?" I asked, already knowing the answer as she didn't even look at me when she answered.

"No." Ok, so she's angry with me.

"I'm sorry." I apologize as we both entered the limousine.

"Do you even know why are you apologizing?" She snapped at me.

"For being an idiot boyfriend who doesn't understand that being so beautiful takes a lot of time o preparation?" I said, even though it sounded as if I was asking. Fuck, now she was really angry with me.

She couldn't answer as the driver stopped the car in front of Kylie's house and everyone entered the limo.

I greeted everyone and luckily Zayn and Justin decided to seat beside me. That would give Kendall some time to cool off. Yeah, I know. Great way of facing my problems. But if it works, then it works.

We arrived at the club and everyone stepped out of the limo. I stayed back and told the driver to park near the club. He nodded. I supposed he wouldn't care if he had to stay inside the car for a few hours as we were paying him a little extra for that.

When I turned around they were already inside the club. As I entered the only thing I could hear was the loud music. I had to push the people that were in front of me to be able to walk.

After a few minutes I was able to find my friends again. They were sitting down on the VIP section.

"Thanks for leaving me there guys." I said sarcastically as I sat next to Kendall. She didn't look at me which meant that she was still angry.

"You did it great. I knew you could do it buddy." Teased Gigi pinching my cheek.

"Fuck you Gigi." I said, slapping her hand away from my face.

They all laughed, all but Kendall.

"Come on Kendall. Are you still angry with me?" I asked her so that only she could hear me. "That bad was what I did? I only asked you to be quicker."

"It's not what you said. It's how you said it and how you didn't care. You didn't even tell me if I was looking good tonight."

"Well, you always look good. I thought you'd get tired of me telling you that every time we go out."

"See? You're an idiot Josh." She stood up and walked to the dance floor.

I sighed as I watched her walking away and into the crowd.

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