Chapter 13

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Today is Monday. Which means that I can go to the gym again. Kendall left on Saturday. She's in Milan right now and she will be back in two weeks. Even though we text each other or face-time a lot I still miss her.

"Hey Don! How you doing?" I asked Don. As soon as I entered the gym I spotted him showing some combinations to a boy.

"Good to see you again kid!" He said as he hugged me. "Are you sure you're ready to get back? It's ok if you need more time to rest. We have no rush."

"I'm fine D. I'm excited to be back. It feels like an eternity since the last time I worked out."

"Okay Kid. Get yourself ready and start with the sac. But go easy ok? I wouldn't like to take you to the hospital." He said jokingly.

"Sure." I said, heading to the locker room.

Three hours later I left the locker room. I was back on my casual outfit. I loved being able to work out again. I missed this a lot.

"How did it feel coming back?" Asked me Don as we were walking through the parking lot.

"I missed it a lot. It was very boring being at home all day."

"Well, when you get back in shape we will talk about your next fight. HBO asked me about you last week."

I nodded and headed back home.

One week later I was doing much better. It was 7 pm and I was lying on the couch. I just came back from training and had nothing to do so I invited Zayn and Justin over to play some videogames or something but they told me that they were busy at the studio recording a song. I was watching some videos on YouTube until I felt my eyes heavier. I tried to stay awake but I slept.

"Shh. Don't be so loud! You'll wake him up."A voice woke me up. I was still very sleepy so I didn't open my eyes yet.

"Look, he looks so cuuute." I was still half sleep but that voice seemed very familiar.

"Kendall, you're drooling." That was Kendall?

"What are you doing here?" I asked as I opened my eyes.

Kendall, Bella, Gigi and Kylie were on my living room staring at me.

"Baabe" Kendall shouted as she hugged me strongly.

"Ke-Kendall.. I need to bre-breathe"

"Okay relax girl. You're going to kill the guy." Kylie said laughing as she grabbed Kendall and pulled her away from me.

"What are you all doing here?" I asked standing up. "I thought you had to be in Milan for another week."

"Well, technically the Fashion Week finished two days ago. We were going to spend another week there to do some sightseeing but Hailey got sick and we didn't want to leave her alone so we came back today and left her at her apartment." Gigi explained.

"Oh, I see. I'm glad you came back babe." I said walking to Kendall and pecking her on the lips. "You should have call me. I'd have picked you up from the airport."

"Yeah. But then it wouldn't be a surprise, right?"

"Okay, that's enough lovebirds." Kylie said, taking Kendall away from me again. Then she pointed a finger towards me. "Now you are going to go upstairs and get yourself onto a swimsuit. The rest of the group is coming over."

"Why are they coming over to my house? And why should I get a swimsuit?"

"Becaaause we are having a pool party here Josh." Bella said pushing me upstairs.

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