Chapter 26

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"I said no, Kendall! Final answer." I shouted from inside the bathroom.

"But babe, I have to put some make up on you if you want your costume to be good!" God I hated Halloween parties.

Yeap, it's Halloween. You know, there was a time in which I'd love to dress up as a monster or maybe a superhero. But once I turned 12, those times ended.

Now Kendall is forcing me to go to this lame Halloween party at Gigi's house. Maybe lame is not the appropriate word, as there will be lots of famous people. But for sure it will be ridiculous.

I mean, when people see me on TV I'm usually all covered in blood, beating someone up. And today they're gonna see me dressed up as a freaking zombie.

"Kendall I said I would apply some fake blood on my face and on my clothes and that was it. You promised you wouldn't try to put make up on me." I sighed, sitting on the toilet.

For the last half an hour, Kendall's been trying to convince me to let her put some make up on my face. For some weird reason Kendall really want to do my make up.

"Come on Josh, your costume will be much cooler!" She shouted from the other side of the door.

"It's great the way it is right now."

"Josh, please. You'd make me very happy.." She said with a fake sad voice.

"Stop wasting your time woman. You won't make me give in to your pleas." I said, proud of being able to say that I finally won an argument to Kendall.

"Really? Maybe if I tell you about the new lingerie I wanted to wear for the first time exclusively for you tonight..." Ok, maybe I didn't win. Actually I don't really care that much about the make up thing, it was mostly to piss her off. But hey, she wins, I win... apparently.

Sighing, I opened the bathroom door as she squealed of excitement and entered the bathroom.

"For God's sake! Are we done already? We're gonna be late for the party." Kendall just laughed at me. After an hour of me staying still so she could apply make up on my face I was starting to loose patience.

"It's not even that much. But you move a lot so you make me start over and over again. And baby, now that you hook up with the cool people, you should know that you can't be late to this party." She said, still laughing. "There it's done."

"Thank God!" I stood up to look myself in the mirror. Wow, I actually looked amazing. She really knew what she was doing. But I can't let her know that I really like it, or else she will hold on to it for weeks. "Not bad."

"Oh you're such a bad liar!" She said, hitting me on the arm.

"I don't know what are you talking about." I said, walking out of the bathroom.

"You love it!" She exclaimed, following me.

"No, I don't. I just think it's acceptable." I said, grabbing my keys and my wallet so that we could leave for the party.

Suddenly she grabbed my arm and spun me around. I was taller than her, but thanks to her heels we were more or less the same height.
Her face was so close to mine that I could feel her breath on my lips, making me feel nervous.

"Admit it." She whispered seductively, resting her hands on my shoulders.

"I... might... like it. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea." I said, finally giving in. Ok, maybe I am a little bit whipped.

"I know." She whispered, giving me a soft kiss. As the kiss started to intensify, she pulled away. "I'm afraid we can't make out tonight babe, it would ruin our make up. Now let's go."

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