Chapter 14

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"And the winner by knockout in the first round, Josh Kelly!" Shouted the presenter as the referee rose my left hand.

Two months have passed since I resumed my training. I was offered to fight Ricardo Garcia. A Mexican boxer. It was an easy fight, he wasn't bad, but I trained a lot for this fight as I had to show to everyone that I can win the world title. I stepped out of the ring and walked to my dressing room. When I opened the door a certain brunette tackled me and hugged me strongly.

"You did it!" She said kissing all over my face. "I knew you could beat that guy easily."

"Oh you knew? Then why did you say that you were so scared that guy punched Josh in the face that you couldn't look and I had to narrate you what was happening?" Kylie said laughing.

Kendall blushed, but couldn't hide her smile.

"I'm going to take a shower. Wait for me, ok? Then we can all leave."

"Josh, my mother wanted you to come over and have dinner at her house. She wants you to meet the hole family." Kylie said.

"Oh, shit." Even though I've been dating Kendall for like three months now, I've only seen her family once. And the idea of having dinner with them was terrifying.

"It's okay. We can go another day if you want. I know you are tired." Kendall said with a sympathetic voice.

"Don't worry. I will go. I'm not that tired anyway." I said, knowing she wanted me to go.

"Are you sure? It's okay if you prefer to go home and-" I cut her rambling off by kissing her.

"I'm sure." I said as we both kept staring at each other, smiling like idiots.

"Yeah, but go have a shower first. You stink." Said Kylie, interrupting our moment. We both blush and I go to the bathroom.

After we leave the stadium I say goodbye to Don as I sit in the back of Kylie's car. Honestly I was more nervous for this dinner than I was for the fight. It's stupid, I know. But I really love Kendall and I want her family to like me. It's not that they hate me. Kendall said that I made a good impression when I met them the first time.

We arrive at her mother's mansion. That place was huge. I know I have a big house, but this place is on another level.

Kylie opens the door and I follow the girls to the kitchen, where several voices were coming from.

"Hey mum!" Kendall said as she and Kylie hugged Kris Jenner.

"Hello, girls. You arrived just on time. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes." She said. "Oh, hey Josh. I'm glad you came." She said walking towards me and hugging me.

"Thanks for inviting me." I said hugging her back. I could see that Kendall was as nervous as me.

"Your sisters are on the living room." She said to Kendall and Kylie. "You can all go with them. I'll call you when the dinner is ready."

The girls nod and I follow them to the living room. There we found the rest of the Kardashian family. Kim, Kourtney and Khloé were sitting on the couches, while Scott and Travis were watching the television.

"Aunt Kendall!" A little girl run towards Kendall, who bend down to hug her.

"Hey Penelope. How are you?" Kendall asked as more children came.

"Who is he?" She asked, pointing her little finger at me.

"This is Josh. He's my boyfriend."

"Hello Penelope, nice to meet you." I said, smiling as Penelope just laughed and walked away to her mum. "What did I say?"

"It's nothing. She just doesn't like strangers." She said laughing and grabbing my hand.

The rest of her sisters greet me and Travis and Scott walk to me to introduce themselves.

We sat on the couches and they started talking as a kept quiet. I just prayed they didn't ask me anything. Yeah, I know I'm not the most sociable person.

Several minutes later, Kris calls everyone to the table as the dinner was ready.

"So, Josh, Kendall told us that you just had to fight. How did that go?" Asked Kim, who was sitting in front of me. Everyone's conversations ceased as they wanted to hear what I was going to say. Great, more pressure on me.

"Everything went well. I was able to win the fight."

"Was it hard? To beat that guy?" Asked me Khloé.

"Well, it is always difficult. They are always very good fighters."

"Hard? Dude, we all watched the fight and we saw how you beat that guy's ass. It looked like you were playing with him and you didn't even need one whole round." Travis said.

I blushed a little as Kendall grabbed my hand, which was under the table. She started to caress my hand with her thumb trying to comfort me as she knew I was really nervous.

"Do you like to fight?" Asked Kris. Now I was even more nervous as I saw that she wasn't even smiling. That women could be very scary.

"I wouldn't say I like it. But I'm good at it and it brings money home." I say, not wanting to look as an aggressive man who loves violence. It relaxed me to see that Kris smiled a little bit.


"It was very nice to see you again Josh. You're welcome to come over every time you want." Kris said as she hugged me.

"Thank you for inviting me Ms. Jenner." I said breaking the hug.

"Oh, just Kris, please. Ms. Jenner makes me feel old."

"Okay then, see you soon Kris." I said smiling and walking towards Kendall's car.

I sat on the passengers seat as Kendall entered the car seconds later.

"That went.. quite well." She said smiling.

"Quite well? I almost pissed on my pants."

"Don't be overdramatic. It wasn't that bad." She said laughing.

She drove to my house and parked the car in the driveway.

"Finally. I never thought I could miss you so much." I said, throwing myself onto the bed as Kendall laughed at my childish behavior.

I watched Kendall changing her clothes and putting her pajama.

"What are you looking at?" She said as she crawled onto the bed and laid by my said.

"Just wondering how I was able to be with you." I said, caressing her cheek.

"Yeah, you are a lucky guy." She said laughing.

"I know." I said getting closer to her and kissing her on the lips. Once we broke the kiss she stared at me smiling.

"I love you."

"I love you too." I said as we both fell asleep, exhausted after such a long day.

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