Chapter 19

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The alarm woke me up. I was in my new apartment.
After Kendall and I broke up, I decided to concentrate completely on the fight against Canelo.
Now, two months after I started this training camp, I realized I felt lonely.

I haven't spoken with any of my friends since I left Kylie's birthday party. Actually, I did speak with Cara.
She was my best friend. And after a thousand missed calls from my friends, I texted Cara.
I told her everything that happened, and also that I would have to distance myself from them, as I needed to concentrate on boxing.
Without waiting for her answer, I blocked her number and deleted it. I did the same with the rest.
Now, my routine was always the same. Wake up, morning jog, breakfast, train, eat, train and sleep.

It's been two months like that and I think I'd go nuts if I had free time, as every minute on my life was dedicated to prepare the upcoming fight.
I rented a small apartment. A living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. I didn't need anything else.

Also there was no unnecessary furniture. I didn't even have a bed, it was just a mattress laid down on the floor.
That's how I spent my days. There's only a week left for the fight.

I felt like this was it. My last chance to fulfill the promise I made to Dave and to myself after the accident.
To pursue Dave's dream.
Even if with the years I became my dream too, I wasn't really excited with the idea of becoming a world champion anymore.
I mean, what's next once I win that belt.

"Hey kid, you listening?" Asked Don. We were at the gym, making up a plan for the fight.

"Sorry 'D'. I zoned out." He sighed, and stopped the video of Canelo that we were watching.

"Listen kid. I know it is hard. You have a lot of pressure on you right now. Are you sure you're ready for this. After next week, nothing will be the same. Wether you win or you loose."

"It's okay, Don. I'm ready for this. There is nothing that can distract me from that fight."

"I hope you're right, son. I hope you're right." He said, standing up and walking towards his office.

Days passed, and the time I had to train was drastically reduced. I had to do a lot of press conferences and that left me no time. Besides that, I had to travel to many places. But at least there was no incidents during those trips.

It was when we were doing the press conference at LA, that something happened. Right after asking all the questions of the media, I walked towards my dressing room.

"So, we will go to the hotel now. Remember you have to be tomorrow morning at the airport to catch our flight to Las Vegas. In two days is the weigh-in, so make sure you don't have any feast." Said Mike. He and my team were staying at an hotel. Despite I offered them to stay at my house, they said that some time alone would do me good.

"Alright. See you tomorrow." I entered my dressing room and found there a certain British model.

"What's up?" She said smiling to me.

"Cara? What are you doing here?" I asked in disbelief.

"Well, as you blocked everybody's numbers and nobody was able to find you. I had to pull of some contacts and I could sneak into here." She said, patting at the empty place beside her on the couch.

"You didn't really answer my question." I sat on the couch, but I could only look to my lap.

"We were really worried, you know? You left the party without a word. And then we found Kendall crying alone in the toilet."

"How is she doing?" That's the question I wanted to ask since I left that party. How is Kendall? Yeah, I still loved her, I never denied it.

"Very bad. She told us everything. And she kept saying that it was all her fault. A few days after that, I received your text. When I showed it to them, she started crying again. Saying that we should find you, or you will be alone again."

"I just needed time for myself. I'm not really alone." I looked up to her and saw a soft smile.

That was Cara ladies and gentlemen. She can be the craziest and silliest girl of the planet, but the girl knows how to be serious and how to comfort a friend.

"Really? Answer me this. In the past two months and half, with how many people have you talked with?"

"Well there's been-"

"Oh, and neither your coach, your agent or the press counts."

"You're too picky." We both laughed.

"See? Josh, nothing's been the same since you left. Kendall's far from being the same. Now she doesn't go out. She just keeps working to be occupied with something."

"Nothing's been the same? I literally the most boring guy of the group Cara." I said laughing. "I mean, I don't drink, I don't so crazy stuff and I'm not even funny. All I like to do is watch TV, sleep and train. There's nothing fun about hanging out with me. Kendall could do so much better than me." She just hit me on the head.

"Ouch! What was that for?"

"Do you really think that? You see Josh. One of the many reasons Kendall likes you so much is because you're normal. You are not like those guys she used to date. And unlike them, you're not an egocentric prick." I just sighed.

"Cara. Why are you really here?"

"We will watch the fight at Kendall's. Then, we will have a sleepover. The whole group will be there. It's only an hour flight from Las Vegas to LA. So I hope that you join us." She stood up and walked towards the door.

"Did you tell Kendall that you were coming to talk to me?" I stood up too.

"Don't worry. I didn't. But you'd make her really happy if you decide to show up. She is still in love with you, which I don't really understand, but I respect it." She said, opening the door.

"Thanks Cara."

"Don't thank me. Just win that fight and then fix you relationship. See you later 'J'."

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