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Aurora and Tonks landed a few seconds before Harry did. Harry looked around at the buildings that surrounded them. They looked grimy and not welcoming, some of them had broken windows and paint peeling off the doors. 

"Where are we?" Harry asked, shivering due to the night breeze.

"In a minute," Remus said quietly to Harry as he watched Mad-Eye Moody digging through his cloak pockets.

"Got it," Moody muttered, raising a silver cigarette lighter into the air and clicking it. However instead of fire emerging out of it, the nearest streetlamp went out with a pop. He clicked the lighter again and the next lamp went out and so forth until the only light that illuminated the streets was the half moon, "Borrowed it from Dumbledore. That'll take care of any Muggles looking out of the window. Come on now," Moody growled shoving the lighter back into his pocket and walking up the pavement. 

Aurora walked besides her Godfather, behind Harry and Mad-Eye Moody who just handed the boy a scruffy piece of parchment. 

"What's the Order of the-" Harry began.

"Not here, boy!" Moody growled, "Wait till we're inside!"

He pulled the piece of parchment out of Harry's hand and set fire to it using his wand. As the message curled into flames, Harry looked around the houses feeling confused as he couldn't see number twelve. 

Before Harry could even ask the question that rested at the top of his mind, Moody loudly banged his walking stick on the ground causing the houses to rumble. Harry gasped and moved back in shock, almost knocking Aurora over, as he watched number thirteen and number eleven of Grimmauld Place move apart. 

Soon, an extra house emerged from in-between the two, with a number twelve plastered on the door. Mad-Eye Moody walked up the stairs and unlocked the house hurrying everyone into it. Aurora grabbed Harry's arm and led her God-brother inside, his eyes explored the inside of the building. 

There were hurried footsteps hurrying towards them, Mrs Weasley emerged from the door at the very far end of the hall. She was smiling widely before she engulfed Harry in a tight hug, "Oh, Harry, it's lovely to see you!" She told him quietly, "You're looking peaking, you'll need some feeding up, but you'll have to wait a bit for dinner, I'm afraid."

Aurora walked around Harry and Mrs Weasley, extending her arm to open the door before Mrs Weasley quickly pulled the girl away, "Dear, you know you can't go in there yet."

Aurora sighed, "My dad said it was fine, Mrs Weasley," she explained, "I'm old enough."

Mrs Weasley looked sadly at the young witch in front of her, her eyes softly pleading the girl to go back upstairs, Aurora sighed but walked away from the door and quickly apparated out of the hallway and into the twin's room causing them to jump up from what they were working on and turn to face her.

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