Whipped Cream and Apple Pie

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"Well, okay, you go back to sleep and I'll tell Ban you want some apple pie."I say, getting ready to walk out the door. "Noooo! Take me with you!"Y/n whines. I scooped her up bridal style and carried her downstairs. "Hey Ban!
Y/n wants you to make her some apple pie."I say, gently sitting Y/n at the bar.

"Really?"Ban groans. "Yeah."Y/n says. "So get the hell up."she adds. Ban got up and walked lazily to the kitchen .

*time skip*

"Thanks Ban."Y/n smirked, looking down at the pie, grabbing a fork. "Y/n, what are you doing?"Ban asks. "Uhmmmm..... eating apple pie."Y/n says, shoving a fork of pie into her mouth. "Why are you eating it with a fork?"Ban asks. "I don't know. Now leave me alone;And let me eat my pie."she sighs, shoving another forkful of pie into her mouth. "Can I have-"King started. "No."Y/n says. "You didn't let me finish!"King says. "Can you pass me the whipped cream?"he asks. Y/n let out a laugh. "I knew what you were going to say. I said no. It's mine."Y/n says. "No it's not."King says, reaching for the whipped cream. Y/n hastily smacked King's hand. "I need it for the waffles!"King groans. "Too bad. It's mine."she says. I hastily swiped it without King or Y/n noticing. "Give it back Meliodas."Y/n says. "How'd you know?"I whine, handing her the can of whipped cream. "Leave the stealing and snatching to Ban,Meliodas."Y/n giggles softly.

Y/n was done with her pie, and all that was heard was the sounds of whipped cream being sprayed in her mouth as she walked upstairs. Her pace quickened. Then I heard retching from upstairs.

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