Telling The Sins

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{Your pov}
I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned over, pulling my covers back up over my head. The cover were snatched off of me. "Mmmm?"I groaned, rolling over and looking up at Ban. "Ban, what are you doing here?"I sigh. "I want to know;what's going on?"he asks. "What do you mean?"I ask. " Oh you really don't know?"Ban asks sarcastically. "Mmm. Mmm."I say, shaking my head. "You've been acting weird lately Y/n."he sighs impatiently. "You've been eating a lot, drinking coffee, -which you never do-, and you keep sleeping and throwing up! What the hell is going on here?"Ban groans. "Okay Ban. Im pregnant."I say, getting up from the bed to stand up and face Ban. "Who's the dad?"he asks. "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK IT IS IDIOT!"I rage, back handing Ban into the wall. There was a red hand print on his cheek. Ban slowly put his hand on his cheek, he said,"Well Damn Y/n, that hurt."

"To answer your question Ban, it's your Captain's."I reply with a smirk. Ban's jaw dropped as his face turned pale. "A-What?"he said, not believing a word I said.

I walked up to him, and looked at him. "I said...."


I smacked him.

I smacked him again.





Ban let out a groan as he got up. He rubbed the side of his head where I hit him. "I'm going to tell the others."Ban says running out the door. "BAN! No!"I shouted, following Ban down the steps. I pounced on Ban, making him tumble down the steps. "Y/N'S PRE-"Ban started. I covered his mouth. "What?"Diane says, cocking her head. Oh shit. "Okay."I sighed nervously. Meliodas wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed my cheek. "I'm pregnant."I sighed.

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