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*Hehehe next morning*

{Meliodas's pov}
Y/n and I were laying in bed, and I started tickling her feet. "No!"she started laughing again. "Meliodas Stop!"she started laughing again. She was playfully hitting my back as she kept laughing. I tickled her stomach as she started laughing again. She started gasping for air and I stopped. She started breathing again and I tickled her again. Then I stopped and she was still laughing. She hug me and pinned me to the bed, laying her head on my chest. She giggled and sighed. Her hair fell infront if my eyes and I slowly brushed it away. "I love you."I mutter. I love you too."she muttered. I kissed her neck softly as she bit her lip. She kissed me. "Not now. I'm carrying our children."she smiled. An agitated groan escaped my mouth. "Awwww.... don't be so angry Meliodas."Y/n grins. I smiled. "Be lucky I love you."I say. "I already am."Y/n smiles before kissing me.

*time skip*
{Your pov}
"Y/n, where did you get that pretty ring from?"Diane asks. "Yeah mom, where'd you get it?"Dara asks. "Oh. Uhm....Meliodas proposed to me last night." I smile. "Y/N IM SO HAPPY FOR YOUUUU!"Diane squeaked, pulling me into a big be crushing hug. Damn, for a giant in a human form she still can bone crush like a boss. "D-Diane..."I whisper. "Sorry."she blushes as she gently let my feet touch the ground once again. Dara hugged my waist. "So does that mean you and Meliodas are gonna get married?"Dara asks. I nod. "That means your gonna kiss blechh!"Dara says, pretending to be sick. "Oh don't be like that. Your gonna grow up and fall in love."I say. "No way. Falling in love is gross."Dara says. I laugh. Meliodas came downstairs and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"So, I hear that you proposed to Y/n."Merlin smiles. "That's right."Meliodas slightly blushed and I laughed. "I think Escanor should propose to Merlin."I smirked. Escanor and Merlin blushed. I let out a laugh. "It's not funny Y/n."Merlin says, a light blush still tinted her cheeks. "I think King and Diane should get married."Meliodas grins. King and Diane blushed. It started feeling hot and I started sweating. "Ban can I have a cup of water?"I asked. Ban looked at me in confusion then shrugged and gave me the water. I drank it all in a shot. "Meliodas."I say frantically. "What's wrong Y/n?"he asks, his face filled with concern. "The-"I groaned in pain as I had a contraction. I double over in pain as I had another contraction. Meliodas took me upstairs, Merlin following close behind. Meliodas sat me with by the bed, holding my hand, wiping the sweat off my head. "It's okay Y/n, I'm right here."Meliodas coaxed. Merlin's hand going up gave me the signal to start pushing. I squeezed Meliodas's hand as I pushed. One baby came out. I sighed. "No, there's still another child Y/n."Merlin reminded me. I started pushing again and the other baby came out.

*time skip*
{King's pov}
"No!"Captain groaned as I held him back from going inside. "After a fairy gives birth they need lots of sleep!"I grunted. "Captain, King is right. Y/n needs lots of rest."Merlin says from behind me. "A"I grunted, still struggling to pull Captain back. "Perfect Cube!"Merlin says, trapping Captain and I in a purple cube. "HOW THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO HELP?!"I shout. "It won't."Merlin smirks before walking downstairs. I sigh agitatedly. I sit down in the corner, my hood up. "Captain, she needs sleep."I say. "What if I want to watch her just to make sure she's okay?"Captain asks. "She'll scream."I say. Merlin let us out of the cube. Meliodas ran into Y/n's room. I mumble angrily, following him. Captain was hovering over Y/n, staring at her. She was up, staring back at him. "Hi."she smiled. "Hey."he smiled before kissing her on the lips. "I'm going to sleep. I'll make up tomorrow."Y/n mutters sleepily. "C'mon Y/n, just think about the ale."Meliodas grinned. Y/n sighed, getting up and walking downstairs. "The only reason I came; was for the ale."she says groggily.

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