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{Meliodas's pov}
"Y/n."I groaned. "Hmm?"she muttered. Y/n turned to face me. "What?"she sighed. "I can't sleep."I say. "Well, how about a late light snack?"she asks. "I think we have different thoughts about, a late night snack."I say. "Well, What do you have in mind?"Y/n asks, her eyes scanning me.

{Your pov}
Meliodas stares at me with hunger. "Tell me; What are you in the mood for?"I ask. Meliodas kisses me. "You."he smiles. "Well, how bout some food first, I'm seriously hungry."I say. "No."he says,kissing me again. He started tugging my shirt as he kissed me. "No."I say. "I'm hungry."I say.

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